Microsoft bought Github, your thoughts?

There has been a lot of rumors that Microsoft would buy Github, and now thats confirmed. Not only Microsoft was interested in Microsoft, but also Google and Amazon. How do you think this will affect Github? It's not a secret that Github has not made any profit the last years, Microsoft will probably make some changes to Github as a whole to make profit out of it.

1. What changes could we see in the future?
2. Is Microsoft the right buyer?
3. Will you be using Github or do you use anything else? (Bitbucket, GitLab, etc.)
4. If you use Github, will you move to another platform?

A very intersting Grafana from GitLab shows the migration from Github to Gitlab when the purchase was confirmed.
I'm optimistic. I don't think they'll mess much with the experience for open source/small projects/individuals. I imagine they'll make changes to the enterprise side of it. Microsoft has changed their stance massively over the last few years for the better. I can't imagine they would buy GitHub for $7.5b just to butcher it. They haven't butchered LinkedIn and Visual Studio Code is a very good piece of open source software, just to name a couple of examples.

People leaving/bashing GitHub/Microsoft imo is a bit of an overreaction. Git is decentralised at heart. If it does go to shit, worst case, you can just move your repository elsewhere.


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They bought Github to better integrate it into their own side of things such as Visual Studio, Azure and so forth. Not to make a massive profiting fest - in fact MS has been encouraging OS (Open Source) projects heavily and moving away from the whole profit obsession as a whole (imo)

Proof? They open sourced a large portion of Windows-exclusive things ie: .Net, made some things free (Visual Studio Community) and so forth.

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