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Maxing(?) inventory size

Discussion in 'Habbo Tutorials' started by Damien, Jan 20, 2017.

  1. Damien

    Damien Don't need glasses if you can C#

    Was asked to create a tutorial on how to increase the inventory limit to stop users inventories getting stuck, causing the user to either have to empty their inventory or deal with never being able to open it again.

    Firstly download this juicy pack found here:
    This pack contains the files used to decompile and recompile the habbo.swf. We'll need this as we need to directly edit the habbo.swf in order to be able to increase the inventory limit.

    Once downloaded you're have a directory that looks like this:

    You'll need to copy you Habbo.swf into the directory (making sure to keep the file name as "Habbo.swf") and hit DECOMPILER. This'll begin to decompile the Habbo.swf for editing. BE WARNED this may take some time to run.

    Once finished you should end up with your directory looking like this:

    Once done decmpiling, you'll want to search for a class named "EvaWireFormat" and edit it, in a editor of your choosing. Once the file is open you want to scroll down to the very bottom and look for a piece of code similar to this:

    You'll want to edit the "pushshort 128" to "pushshort 2048". Hit save the close the file.

    Finally back in your directory of files, you'll want to hit RECOMPILE, once again taking into account that this may take some time to complete. Once complete and you're sure there were no errors, you're free to use your new Habbo.swf without the issue of users hitting the max inventory limit.

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  2. Yonas_

    Yonas_ New Member

    Good tutorial for people who don't know this!
    Anyway there is another option to do this, much easier in my opinion.
  3. MattSantos

    MattSantos New Member

    @Damiens I did all this and my inventory is not loading anymore ;-; Would you help me? I changed in: EvaWireFormat.class.asasm (folder Habbo-2)

  4. Blasteh

    Blasteh sut min pik

    Amazing tutorial, thanks!
  5. JMG

    JMG wut wut Staff Member

    Works great Damien, thank you.
  6. Sledmore

    Sledmore Chaturbate Livestreamer Staff Member

    Nice share.

    Long term solution:

    The solution to end having to modify the SWF is to send the client their items in a batch (700), the integers in the 'FurniListComposer' (first 2) are for pagination, first integer is the pages, second is the page.

    I'm 99% certain this is the correct way, as Habbo sends the 700 per page, and send each page - starting at 0. It's the way I've done it and it works fine.
  7. Meap

    Meap Don't need glasses if you C#

    so just editing the second integer is how many pages there is?
  8. Sledmore

    Sledmore Chaturbate Livestreamer Staff Member

    The first integer is the amount of pages, the second integer is the page. You have to send the packet per the amount of pages.
  9. Meap

    Meap Don't need glasses if you C#

    ah I see I see
  10. MattSantos

    MattSantos New Member

    Can you post the code here?
  11. Iiam

    Iiam loyalrp.net <--New Upcoming RP-->

    Good tutorial, like Sledmore said you can do it by modifying the swf.
  12. Sledmore

    Sledmore Chaturbate Livestreamer Staff Member

    Will post a thread later on tonight.

    No, that is what this thread is showing - a tutorial of how to solve the issue by modifying the thread, I offered another solution.

    This thread is a decent enough method, I've done this for about 3 years now, but having it done via the emulator saves that measly 30 seconds of doing this per update.
  13. MattSantos

    MattSantos New Member

    Ok, thanks :)

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