GTA SA Los Santos Prison Roleplay


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Apr 3, 2011
Hello there, I understand that TrollCopter had removed the thread due to a permanant ban that was given to me, but as I got a ban date set, I told TrollCopter not to repost the thread, as I'd like to personally release this script, so this is the LS Prison Roleplay script, this is the of course the base from Soumi who did a outstanding job creating it as a first base, so I decided that I'd continue his work as he closed his server to re-do/fix his bugs that he made, and add some stuff, so I decided that a location like BlueBerry is just too big, so I moved it to Los Santos after that, I opened a tempoary server with the gamemode which failed as it seemed like not many people like Prison Roleplay, so I handed it to TrollCopter to release it as I couldnt be arsed, but I got bored and did add some requests, and now its not as bugged as it was when TrollCopter released it.​
Features: <- Find out yoursself
I've added /rolljoint and /smokepot. <- You need certain things for rolling a joint
I've added /usecrack.

Download? You cant download it.
Nah just messing, this to download.

Mirrors are allowed.

Credits -
TrollCopter - IRC
Wennicke - Amazing interior
Soumi - Prison Base
Riddy - Of course the movement and add-ons


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Aug 4, 2010
Would be nice to have some screen shots of the server, sounds different from the test what should be interesting.

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