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PC Looking to play a new game?

Discussion in 'Gaming Discussion' started by JokerLolz, Jan 4, 2016.

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  1. JokerLolz

    JokerLolz Gotham needs you.

    So I'm starting to get bored of Minecraft I've been playing it for years and years now. I'm wanting to move onto something different but don't know what to choose. I've debated on runescape but don't feel like earning all my stats back.

    Any suggestions? I'd like something similar to runescape.
  2. brandonj

    brandonj Member

    World of Warcraft. League of Legends is fun too (and free), but it's not really like Runescape.
  3. Ethereal

    Ethereal Tea Enthusiast

    World of Warcraft, the fun runescape.
  4. Xylo

    Xylo 邪悪

    Hard to find a decent MMO that's F2P and not P2W at all. WoW is good if you're able to pay for a monthly subscription. Guild Wars 2 is good, MapleStory is different but good/free, Aion is good but I'm not sure how populated it is anymore. League is fun, you should try league +1 to that League of Legends suggestion<3.
  5. suckitlads

    suckitlads New Member

  6. griimnak

    griimnak You're a slave to the money then you die

    WoW died in Pandaria.. I guess we'll have to see if Legion is going to be a good expansion (unlike warlords of dreanor)
  7. grandwizard

    grandwizard Amateur Pornstar

  8. Isometric view is just a top down 45 degree camera angle used in a lot of strategy and role playing games such as Diablo and Age of Empires.
  9. JynX

    JynX if (!IsCool()) { BecomeCool("JynX"); }

    Can you please stop fucking grave digging? You've already done this for two days, cut it out please.
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