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Recruiting Looking for Co-owner for MC Server.

Discussion in 'Team Recruitment' started by Lord_Varko, Jun 18, 2017.

  1. Lord_Varko

    Lord_Varko New Member

    I've just joined and needed somewhere to recruit for a new Minecraft Server I have called Dagnvild. Basically, I am looking for a mature-ish adult to be my second-in-command, someone who can work with Spigot-Essentials, GroupManagerX, and so on. I have no staff at the moment and the server is in progression stages and not ready for players to join. I'm hoping that the server will be ready in Beta in a few months time. I am in no real rush.

    If you are interested show it here on this thread. I don't have Discord yet but I have an email and you can reach me on xboxone. If I think I can trust you and you are serious about applying I can send you a prospectus (see file attachment), which contains more information about the server and its vision. I also welcome any criticisms, and believe me I have had some already!

    Thanks and good luck!
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    Attached is my server prospectus. Feel free to view. Note: may contain typos and errors.

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  2. Pump

    Pump 卐 Enthusiast

    Interested. PM me.
  3. Lord_Varko

    Lord_Varko New Member

    Can you message me your resume? I cannot PVM message you.
  4. Wess

    Wess BYPASSING OVERRIDE Staff Member FindRetros Moderator

    The account Pump is compromised. Do not engage with this user. It has been reported to senior moderation.
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  5. Lord_Varko

    Lord_Varko New Member

    Okay. Thanks for the heads up.
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    Attached are some screenshots of the main server hub environment. Feel free to criticise.
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    Just a re-cap on what I need to get the server up and running:

    1. I need a co-owner, a pluggin manager, and some spawn builders.
    2. I now have Discord. Message me to get my DiscordTag.
    3. Prospectus has been updated and improved. Message me to get a copy.
    4. Domain name is required but not important just yet.
    5. Website Forum at Enjinn 0% complete.

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  6. JamesT

    JamesT New Member

    Yo, I am happy to help you out add me on discord Coffee#6247

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