Recruiting Looking for a Habbo Developer

Howdy there! I'm looking for a Developer who has a good understanding of Habbo. Someone who will be able to dedicate some of his time into the project. You will be working in a team (with other developers).
Things that you require.
  • Experience with PHP, CSS, HTML & JS.
  • A Good Understanding of SWF.
  • Being able to add Clothing / Items / Badges.
We are not looking for a professional anyone who has knowledge with Habbo Servers is good for the position.

  • Experience with C#
  • Experience with Smarty & Ajax
  • Experience with SQL
  • Being able to speak in turkish
  • Java & Python Knowledge
Also we are Turkish community but speaking Turkish is not a must as we have some people who can talk in English. Anyone who is bored and just wants to take the rust of his coding skills can help us with this project.

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