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LiteHabbo - RevCMS Theme

Discussion in 'CMS Releases' started by CrawlRZ, Jun 7, 2012.

  1. CrawlRZ

    CrawlRZ New Member

    RevCMS Theme

    Download: [ Want to see this link? Register ! ]


    Login Page ([ Want to see this link? Register ! ])

    Me Page

    Community Page

    Credits to Hejula as it is based off of his theme.

    Download: [ Want to see this link? Register ! ]

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  2. Deion

    Deion k

    No more tabs? What happened to the staff page, vip page, ect? It looks nice I guess.
  3. CrawlRZ

    CrawlRZ New Member

    You could add them yourself? Just add them to the navigator
  4. Sean

    Sean ‫‫‫‫‫‫  ‫  Don't Worry, Be Happy

    It alright I guess
  5. themaster2012

    themaster2012 Member

  6. Night

    Night Active Member

    you should make it so if you click community, it goes bold and red on the far left and then other options pop up including staff, news, etc.
    meaning that if you look at the images, red/bold crawl would be replaced with community and options would be on the right that fit under the community tab
    so basically you click Crawl and you have the option of going to account settings or signing out
    and a back arrow so you can go to the main area
  7. AlexFallen

    AlexFallen Developer

    Any Housekeeping? Or No?
  8. BIOS

    BIOS \r%20

    Love the login page not sure about others though
  9. Lounge

    Lounge #dat habbo nigga

    Thanks for release!
  10. Zephyrus

    Zephyrus Wanderer

    this is what i like.
  11. xxXbesarXxx

    xxXbesarXxx New Member

    its ok thanks for release
  12. mommotexx

    mommotexx New Member

    Config file?
  13. sandz

    sandz New Member

    anyone have a staff page for this?
  14. crafth

    crafth New Member

    I have Been Messing around And Made One
    [ Want to see this link? Register ! ]
  15. Brought

    Brought 更加努力

    I'm sorry but this is is absolutely terrible.
    2/10. And the 2 is for effort.
    Not a fan of the overall theme, the only thing that you changed of Hejula's Habbo theme is removing the tabs pretty much.

    Not a new RevCMS theme, a edit of Hejula's Habbo RevCMS Theme.
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  16. Sysode

    Sysode Front-End Developer

    Another re-color and a few image changes. Hardly a new theme. This isn't worthy of 'taking credits'.

    Anyways, thanks for the release. :)

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