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May 25, 2018

Not sure where to put this thread, I'll give it a try in this one.

I have been playing this game since 2013 and still can't make it past Gold IV, no matter what tutorials I watch on how to play this game. I would highly appreciate if someone could watch some replays and tell me what I am doing wrong. Of course I will pay you for this.


May 18, 2020
I'm going to give you tips that helped me a lot for a very similar game that I played called smite. Was a diamond/master for season 2/4. (I have played League but not ranked just casual bot /mid as I didn't really enjoy the top down gameplay aspect.)

Some of this may apply some of it may not as I don't remember much from league so maybe others can give more of an important perspective but heres some tips that I used in league that I learnt from smite.

Counter building is one of the most important key factors in a ranked game. (maybe applied in LoL? not 100% sure as been 2 years since i last played.)

Counter the enemy champion of your lane whilst being able to survive against jungle. (If you can't then you could attempt to have a champion with a good escape).

Call out enemy positions not sure on the term for LoL but WARD jungle. (If your lane has retreated call it missing so your team knows. If one of your team mates are coming in for the gank ping the enemy location on the map having fed team mates early on can help you win the early and force surrender enemy team.)

Watch your map watch where the enemy is at all times if you feel you can get the kill and push your lane do it but make sure before going head first in you know where abouts your enemy is for possible ganks.(This is crucial as a fed enemy in your lane could cause you to lose the game due to split pushing and applying alot of pressure on your team.)

Don't ask someone else to watch your replays you need to do this yourself see what the enemy has built as the game has progressed, and learn from your own mistakes this is really crucial in becoming a better player.

Attempt to do ranked 1v1's it may be boring but will make you so much of a better player.

See what cooldowns your enemy has if cooldowns are active then you need to push.

Call out enemy cooldowns for your team so they know whats up/down incase they get into a fight.

Rotation rotation rotation is insanely important if you split push you could confuse the enemy and make them panic.

Positioning is also a massive factor if the enemy gets the early game on you then it could possibly jeopardise your mid/late when its most important.

Don't blame teammates although some can be idiots it doesn't help you or them at all learn from your mistakes. (If someone is struggling in there lane it doesn't hurt to give them some advice.)

Look at how your team is building because inevitably in the late it comes down to a 5v5 really you being able to support your team mates could change the course of the game.

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