Jaximus WoW - Cataclysm 4.3.4


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Jaximus WoW - Cataclysm 4.3.4
What is Jaximus WoW?
As you can probably already guess we are a 4.3.4 World Of Warcraft server which aims to give old players the feel of what it was like to immerse yourself within WoW back in the good 'ol days. We are running of off a 12GB, 100GB HDD VPS which helps us not have any major lag spikes which will hinder your gameplay which is always a plus.

What Works? - Alliance and Horde

Human Starter Area 99.5% Working
Gnome Starter Area 99% Working
Dwarf Starter Area 99% Working
Night Elf Starter Area 99% Working
Draenai Starter Area 99% Working
Worgon Starter Area 99% Working
Orc Starter Area 99% Working
Undead Starter Area 99% Working
Tauren Starter Area 99% Working
Troll Starter Area 99% Working
Blood Elf Starter Area 99% Working
Goblin Starter Area 99% Working

- Since patch 4.0.1, hunters can track multiple creature types at once. #TC
- The 37167 npcs do not offer gossip to validate the credit and quest npc 37171 a pop for them. - Fixed (Thanks to Sadpk)
- The 37171 npcs do not have SAI simulating that they escape. - Fixed (Thanks to Sadpk)
- Fixed some creature text fixes in random places.
- Lots of mising npcs in world missing - added.
- Fixed some vendors, (some were missing items).
- Fixed Crowley's Horse (In Gilneas) crash that was also reported on the forums.
- Rockjaw Invader had a questiomark over it, even though you didn't have any quest - fixed now.
- Fixed a lot of missing minning spawns (specially in the cata zones)
- Fixed a lot of missing herb spawns (specially in the cata zones)
- Loot fixes in Darkmoon Island.
- Some game object fixes.
- Fixed some dberrors with objects
- Fixed some issues with Wintergrasp npc spawns
- Fixed some general things in Molten Front. + boss scripting
- Fixed a memory leak.
- Fixed pet leveling (Beta)
- Fixed an issue with pets getting dismissed sometimes. (Beta)
- Doomguard pet isn't casting shadow bolts and he does melee instead. [Fixed] (Thanks to Ayiko)
- Fixed an opcode issue, the opcode value was wrong.
- Fixed an opcode.
- Fixed a quite huge bank exploit
- Fixed a possible guild crash
- Fixed a crash in battleground - IC
- Fixed a crash due to an opcode issue
- Fixed an achievement crash.
- Fixes to guild finder (Still got stuff to do, not fully tested etc - probably still not available for use yet.)
- Some fixes to achievements.
- Some changes to jump handling (movement)

- Fixed the teleport in the BG Isle of Conquest.

- Fixed an issue with maps not updating the range of group members on different maps. #TC
- Fixed an issue wtih death knight ghouls being unable to regenerate energy, and same with hunters just with happiness. #TC
- Fixed an exploit that allowed players to take some special flag items without paying for it.
- Fixed a reforge exploit.
- Fixed a transmogrify exploit.
- Fixed a mail issue.
- Fixed a flypath exploit.
- Fixed an issue with flying mount's speed after logout.​

Raid - Firelands
- Entrance is now fixed. You can now go in and out of the raid.
- Fixes with Lord Rhyolith.

Raid - Blackwing Descent
- Chimaeron had invalid drop chances of multiple items. - Fixed
- Omnotron Defense System - (Arcanotron) was missing some loot & drop chances. - Fixed
- Same thing with the boss "Electron"
- Pyrecraw, Ivoroc and Maimgor is now spawned. (Thanks to Ayiko)

Dungeon - Well of Eternity (beta)
- Multiple creature_text fixes.
- Faction fixes.
- Model fixes.
- Achievement fixes
- Creature spell fixes.
- Additional bosses scripted in Well of Eternity. (Beta)

- Fixed some script errors with bloodboil and fel rages in the Black Temple.
- Some creature text fixes in The Vortex Pinnacle.
- You can now enter Deadmines on level 10 instead of 85.
- The bosses in Trial Of The Crusader was spawning too quickly - fixed.
- Some fixes with Eye of Eternity (Bosses & Spawns)
- Fixed the ICC runes
- Molten Core - The creature Molten Destroyer now only drops Narian's Scrying Goggles if you have the quest. Same with Lava Annihilator & Ancient Core Hound & Firelord & Lava Surger.
- Fixed some ICC platforms and added some missing objects.
- Fixes with Grim Batol (Creatures & Boss scripts)
- Dragonsoul fixes, scripting & some random fixes.
- Scripted two bosses in Stonecore.
- Various low level dungeons cleaned up.

How to Join
Now at the moment the server is quite dead due to it only having just been made, although I am not looking for people to join as of yet I am rather looking for people whom are willing to come and test and help find other errors/bugs which do affect the overall game-play if you are interested in that then please feel free to join our discord for further information on how to join which will be listed below.
What are we Looking for?
We are also currently looking for people who are interested in web development as we will be in-need of a website fairly soon if you are interested in becoming apart of the development team then do not hesitate to get in touch via pm or message me on discord.
If you have any further questions then don't hesitate to ask and also feel free to leave some suggestions below on how you think we could improve.
Discord Click Image Below:
[ To view this link you must register here. ]
[ To view this link you must register here. ]
P.S Apologies for the thread its my first one​

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