Introduction [Intro] Iggz :D


Aug 2, 2015
Helloo Devbest,

My name is Iggy which is my middle name, and no I am not Iggy Azalea nor not even Female.. lol. But anyways I have been a registered user on here before however was not the most active however I am back and I am looking to participate and communicate with the community a little more! I live in the US, East Coast to be more specific, and I currently am a college student studying web development, and also minoring in web design and graphic design, So I will probably be well active in those topics!

I do also want to let ya know I am very interested in Habbo Retro's, yes unfortunately I got caught up in that, but I am at that point where I am more interested in the developing and designing side of things and delivering new features for the users etc so I will definitely be active in the Habbo Retros section aswell! I will be actually finally opening the retro I have been working on since February 2nd in the next week, I have been really trying to prepare this upcoming retro for the users! This retro will have a custom RevCMS theme and a highly edited / rewritten PlusEMU edit, for more information, I will be posting an advertisement for the retro within the week so with that you'll be able to see more details, images, etc!

Feel free message me, I am always down to meet new friends, help people out with questions, and anything anyone may need!

Thanks Guys :D


Jun 10, 2015
Welcome to the forums, a lot of people are coders here so you should fit in well. Glad to see you're not a habbotard.


Jul 18, 2015
Welcome back around the forums, good to see more active members. East coast; what state mate?


$client = socket_accept($sock);
Dec 29, 2010
Welcome, loved your introduction, some other guys are just uhm, well not very welcome worthy haha, :) I <3 coding ;D

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