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Nov 22, 2021
Updated: February 4, 2022

Why Hotel Newka?
Hotel Newka is a fresh new concept that was created to give the power back to the users. We see time and time again, users become frustrated with any online games due to the management not listening to the concerns of their community. That’s why a 6 section 9 section Policy (plus executive order section) was enacted over Hotel Newka, and the Hotel and management must abide by the policy or the staff will be dismissed. This mean any upgrades, changes, amended policies, added policies or removed policies must go up to a board consisting of users and staff. The argument must be agreed upon by the majority of the board with preference given to the basic user. This gives the power back to the player base, limiting the power the management has over the game.

Time and time again online communities refuse to listen to their user base. Let’s change that. Upon staff being hired, they must read their division specific policies and agree to those terms.

The Hotel’s Moderation Team (NLE) is split up into different roles going up a chain of command. This keeps those in power honest and our player base safe. Any abuse of power will be dealt with by the Internal Affairs Division and disciplined according to Hotel Newka Policy 4.3. Policy documents are a public record on the website to be read by any user to keep integrity strong.

Our Staff follows a strict guideline of allowing users to have Freedom of Speech when utilizing HotelNewka.com. This does NOT protect users from threatening, harassment, racism/sexism, etc. This allows users to have a voice when they feel Staff has neglected the Hotel and so that users are not treated different for expressing their opinions, whether political, religious, etc. Your opinions are protected.

Why did the team create Hotel Newka?
Hotel Newka was formed in 2021, almost 15 years after my first release of “Tally Hotel” in 2007. I've been involved in the Habbo Retro scene since 2006 and had been a Habbo Hotel user since 2004. Co-Manager is Strangirs, who has also been involved in the Habbo Retro scene since 2006 and assisted me with Tally Hotel throughout Tally’s life.

It was decided to come back to the Retro scene and attempt to bring in a breath of fresh new life to a crumbling area of online communities due to “problems at the ‘top’”. We saw user bases plummet due to upper management not caring about what brings in users, but instead, ways to fill their pockets with pay-to-play. We are striving to push Hotel Newka to the forefront and have Hotel Newka as one of the flagship Retros in the Retro community along with the other few well-oiled-retros that are still grinding. Hotel Newka was not developed for profit, power or status. Hotel Newka was created for the pure love of the game, the community and the brilliant users within the community. Regardless is Hotel Newka has 10 daily users or 1000 daily users, Hotel Newka plans to stay open and always be there for the users that love the game.

The not-enforced RP concept
To keep the Hotel and the game running for years (which is already paid in advanced an entire year to stay running), we want the economy to stay almost perfect. The RP Section of Hotel Newka can be used for issuance of "Newk Coins" / Credits will be based upon your in-game job. There are official rooms in which you can work at, and upon being hired as a Front-Line-Worker, you'll rank up to a level which the system knows to pay you for you work. The work concepts are still being sorted out and planned and worked on. The RP concept will be available to all users who wish to take part in it. If you don't want to, no problem, let's go play Falling Furni instead!

(NewkaRP Officially Lauched on December 25, 2021. This allows players to receive credits by leveling up and receive a custom NewkaRP Level Up Rare Line for each RANK (Every 5 Levels = 1 Rank).

You do NOT have to participate in RP to enjoy the free Credits/NewkCoins from leveling up, Your account automatically levels up and rewards you immediately simply for talking, walking, going to rooms, buying furni, placing furni, etc.

Every single time you LEVEL up, you receive Coins, Diamonds and Newkettes.
Every single time you RANK up (every 5 levels) you receive all of the above + a badge indicating your rank, a custom rare from the Rare Rewards Only Rare Line!

Newka operates a Strict Economy. Rare Values are also determined by using an equation consisting of number of Rares in circulation, amount of days in the catalogue (if any), Habbo.com's initial value, and other factors.
Users currently start on Hotel Newka with:​
  1. 300 NewkCoins​
  2. 50 Diamonds​
  3. 5,000 Newkettes​
  4. 100 NewkPoints​
  • Each of the above 4 currencies are allotted to users each time they level up. Leveling up consists of simply walking, talking, building and buying. As long as you're in the Hotel, you're gaining XP. All norm items are inside of the Newka Catalogue for Newkettes (the base currency).​
  • Weekly & Weekend Rares are issued for NewkCoins.
  • LTDs are issued for Diamonds & NewkCoins.
  • The XP Shop is available for NewkPoints only, allowing users to only purchase from that shop after leveling up.​

The XP Shop:

HTML5 Hotel View:

Flash Hotel View:

Partial Hotel Policy & Policy Board Room where votes are cast and Hotel White Paper Documents:

User Info/Badges:

Massive Amount of Clothing/Outfit Options:

Various Screenshots of CMS:

NewkCoins, Diamonds & Newkettes are dispersed via leveling up. Every actions adds XP to your user. Each level you achieve is displayed in your name and each level adds a larger increment of Coins and other currencies.

Currently Hiring:
Apply At:

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Apr 10, 2013
Thread approved. Please include some images of your website.

Good luck with your hotel.


Apr 12, 2015
The hotel is coming along nicely. New stuff consistently coming out. Many rooms to explore and ROTW is in effect! Look forward to seeing more submissions and more users join!


Nov 22, 2021
The hotel is coming along nicely. New stuff consistently coming out. Many rooms to explore and ROTW is in effect! Look forward to seeing more submissions and more users join!

The downtown district is coming along pretty swell. Once we're done with it and the plugins, users will have the ability to engage in transactions at the 'Club', 'Pub', Tattoo parler' etc. Can't wait to see where we can be in a year.


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Nov 8, 2013
Not going to lie, this might be 1 of the best hotels (in-game feature-wise) out right now. I'm going to hop on and give it a try...


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Mar 17, 2018
Hotel side is looking great, not the biggest fan of your tweaks to the CMS
Looking forward to seeing what comes of this :)

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