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[How To] Securely setup Xampp

Discussion in 'Habbo Tutorials' started by JayCustom, Nov 28, 2014.


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  1. Ch4ka

    Ch4ka bamboozled

    i cant say xampp is 100% Secured, but its your choice to use it or not, Jay did this tut for xampp users.
  2. 1337

    1337 New Member

    xampp is used for development purposes?
  3. JayCustom

    JayCustom echo "Web Developer";

    XAMPP is a free and open source cross-platform web server solution stack package, consisting mainly of the Apache HTTP Server, MySQL database, and interpreters for scripts written in the PHP and Perl programming languages.
    IIS supports HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, FTPS, SMTP and NNTP. It has been an integral part of the Windows NT family since Windows NT 4.0, though it may be absent from some editions (e.g. Windows XP Home edition).
  4. Khalil

    Khalil Donator

    It's good to see your knowledge had improved over time (either that or you just copied and pasted), either way, nice to see you improving. However, you just defined what XAMPP is and did not answer his question.

    To add to what JayCustom said, XAMPP is mostly used for development purposes as it was not created to be used for live production.
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  5. JayCustom

    JayCustom echo "Web Developer";

    Yes, Sorry let me also add that XAMPP can be used for Live Production, and there are certain aspects about XAMPP that IIS doesn't have. There are many different web servers to choose from I have tried XAMPP, IIS and WAMP. I prefer XAMPP
  6. BIOS

    BIOS \r%20

    Just because it can be used for it doesn't always it's the best solution. WAMP is similar to XAMPP if I recall correctly, so the main purpose of WAMP is that it is also for development purposes.

    Mostly all development environments like XAMPP and WAMP are lightweight, the main reason of that being is that they only have the features that are required to develop stuff such as the core components like Apache.

    IIS has a lot of other components that you can change, plus it's secure and trusted by large companies, however it'd be rare you find a large company using something like XAMPP to host their web apps because they wouldn't have full flexibility of it like you do with IIS.
  7. JayCustom

    JayCustom echo "Web Developer";

    Training people to use a control panel is a lot easier then training people to edit through configuration files. They both accomplish the same thing, but Xampp actually gives you more flexibility. IIS is bare by itself. It's all the things made to go with IIS that allow it to be flexible. XAMPP comes with a lot of stuff that allows you to install and run, while with IIS you need to add things such as Helicon Ape, and possibly other tools just to get what you need to work. The choice is the persons to make, I prefer Xampp and we could have a whole discussion. I used IIS and XAMPP hand and hand, they both function well and I don't choose, This tutorial was simply for people who want to learn more then 1 web server.
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  8. BIOS

    BIOS \r%20

    IIS is a lot more flexible, XAMPP has only the core requirements to develop web apps like I said before. XAMPP may be a lot smaller and easier to use but it's still not a complete web server like IIS.

    You don't have to add Helicon ape actually lol, that's just an easier way to configure .htaccess for some people, you can actually do it in IIS itself.
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  9. Warmbryan

    Warmbryan Retired

    Great tutorial thanks
  10. Spartan

    Spartan Donator

    is this a joke?

    it is not editable in notepad..
  11. iGlenn

    iGlenn :)

    is your comment a joke?!? this thread was made in 2014
  12. Spartan

    Spartan Donator

    sorry i didn't even have notepad++ downloaded.
    is it still required to do this to secure your xampp?
  13. iGlenn

    iGlenn :)

    if u want your xampp to be secure i guess lol
  14. Spartan

    Spartan Donator

  15. Lotus

    Lotus Legacy, it's all anyone leaves behind.

    I don't mean to sound blem, but I'm actually suprised someone took the time to work a tad on XAMPP, never would have expected that knowing how the retro community is. Good job however Jay.
  16. JayCustom

    JayCustom echo "Web Developer";

    Thank You, This is from [ Want to see this link? Register ! ] however.
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  17. Lotus

    Lotus Legacy, it's all anyone leaves behind.

    :confused: didn't see that lmfaooo
  18. Sly

    Sly Ex Owner of Robbo Hotel

    lol Jay I love your comebacks

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