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Retro How To Prevent Staff Hunters/Re-develop Staff Positions [ Guide ]

Discussion in 'Habbo Retros' started by Blueoptic, Aug 15, 2014.

  1. Blueoptic

    Blueoptic Time Is Money

    Im sorry to make a thread post about this, but Im pretty positive my most recent response on a thread will go unnoticed, and would rather make this response public.

    How To Prevent Staff Hunters/Re-develop Staff Positions

    Preventing Staff Hunters

    Do you know why there are so many staff hunters? Do you know why staff hunters go for new hotels only? Or even why they get on every owners dick?

    First off. There are way way many "staff hunters" ( a person who asks/begs for staff positions; Manager,Mod,Events,VIP, etc. Or someone whom only goes to hotels looking for staff, and will leave if not accepted etc etc ) to only because there is nothing fun to do on your hotel. Usually staff hunters ask 5-30minutes of playing; "Are you hiring?", "Can I be staff", "....I'll be Event Staff if every other position is taken".
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    The second reason is:
    [ Want to see this link? Register ! ]
    Because these people think they have a chance. If you're a professionally ran hotel, you will not instantly hire anyone who joins, because you are looking for players.

    The third reason is: Anyone, is wanting rares when they play. Guy/girl you name it. Most players don't have an exceptional experience with a hotel if they have 0 rares. You can talk, and play games on any hotel. But not all for the slightest offer chance. And that would be why.

    Staff Positions
    I bet it would be a mass reduce of users asking/applying for staff if there were limitations. Most people don't realize that "Event Staff/Moderator(s)" don't need access to a extra-catalogue. Obviously everyone now adays who apply for staff are only directed to newer hotels so they can get easy chance at getting "Rares".

    The whole point in having an "Event Staff" is to host competitve games/other. These users DO NOT need access to extra-catalogues. It's about earning your stripe in the game, being experienced, and creating your own event. Whats different from a normal Event and a Staff event? Nothing. If you're playing through a hotel with a good economy, a staff event wouldn't be needed. Event Staff's is a useless rank. But are for those who struggle with playing the game.
    Yes, this can be observed from another viewpoint. The only time that I personally think a "Event Staff" would be needed is releasing brand new content into the game. This user'd rank would hardly even ever be used. But even that being said, an Administrator+ would be a better representative of what comes in/out of the game.

    The whole point in having a Moderator(s) is to watch over your hotel for any disruptive behavior/violence that takes place. Eg; Glitches/bugs/eploits etc would be told to a Moderator; where than the Moderator would show responsibility by passing on information to the next authoritative staff member. That is their only job. Why would a Moderator(s) have access also to a extra-catalogue? They are users to show security, trustworthy and maturity.

    The only time that you would need a rank that has access to extra-catalogues are the Owners, Co-Owners, and Administrators. Those are the users who are and would be in charge of what goes on ingame/outside.

    If you want a strategic, professional ran hotel. You need to think of everything that has an effect to everyone.
  2. Tec

    Tec New Member

    I think it mainly depends on who runs the retro and their motives.
    Event staff could have the extra catalogue for helping the economy, However, Most retros where staff have extra catalogue they are not allowed to bet and that. I do agree on the majority of the stuff you have said.
  3. Blueoptic

    Blueoptic Time Is Money

    Then I guess there are alot of people who are the same ;)
  4. Rossco

    Rossco Member

    Personally, I agree with you, Event Staff and mods don't need extra catalogue, On some hotels, they do have extra catalogue but aren't allowed to give them out, they get 3 strikes if found out about having rares. I guess no extra catalogue for lower ranks is possibly the best option for retros.
  5. Westyy

    Westyy Moderator Staff Member

  6. Fex

    Fex Website Developer

    This is awesome... This thread link is going on the front page of my retro <3
  7. Shatter

    Shatter Selling Dedicated Servers

    I'm quite glad you found my post helpful, lol.
  8. Blueoptic

    Blueoptic Time Is Money

    It was an obvious. All people should know, but good to know that I wasn't the only one thinking the same. :cool:
  9. Ch4ka

    Ch4ka bamboozled

    yeah Many retro just hire people instantly..... this could be helpful.
  10. DistrictHosts

    DistrictHosts Hail the king.

    Hope this thread can teach some retro owners some common sense in owning a retro;
    Another thing is, if you don't know how to code and you're stuck in the middle of something and a user comes online asking you "Shall I fix this for you?". They instantly hire and end up being hacked or defaced or even leaked to other forums.

    Like I could say good luck but they think it's just about adding a furniture in the catalog, getting users and hiring thinking they will get big. What confuses me is, if you don't have the skill to make a successful retro, then why are you spending your money on a project that probably won't last a month.

    Anyway, good luck to them retro owners out there.
  11. IWillSmackYou

    IWillSmackYou New Member

  12. DistrictHosts

    DistrictHosts Hail the king.

    I'm actually quite happy with what I am going through. Not one user came online and said "can I be staff please". Which pretty much made me smile haha.

    Anyway, good luck to those retro owners who can run successful retros. Hope you grow soon enough.
  13. Ian2456

    Ian2456 Member

    I agree to most of this, one of my friend (who I trust) got TMod and he now Tmod
    of my habbo retro. I only hire who I think are great & Reply for the job. there also a point
    he should of put in and that is you should only let users/people you trust to high (or higher ranks)
    and everyone else be lowest jobs first and gain your trust first.
  14. DistrictHosts

    DistrictHosts Hail the king.

    Try put some dedication into it. Make sure your users are registered to your hotel for 10 active days, don't hire anyone who is before that. That's what I am currently doing.
  15. Strangirs

    Strangirs Member

    When it's all said and done, until your hotel gets users and a good baseline of an economy, the staff hunter will always be the majority of your traffic.
    In fact, the whole thing revolves around marketing...
    If you have no marketing and post a banner on ***** or whatever, without actually giving any reasons to come play, or just through up a hotel and be inactive it's going to get nowhere! On the other hand, you get the spammers that go onto other hotels and yell out the hotel link which is just going to get you a bad rep, doing it properly is hard, but can be very rewarding.
  16. Ch4ka

    Ch4ka bamboozled

    nope i got 10+ users online without asking for staff
  17. Obbex

    Obbex Member

    I do love this thread. But may I just say I do not agree with some hotels that have moderators or staff members, the main reason is for ignoring users or not even providing help period.. I hope this sort of attitude can change soon with other hotels. So I do agree with staff hunters as many are good for two weeks but then leave after two weeks..
  18. warm

    warm Active Member

    I agree. I don't advertise my hotel hiring just because I want more people. I do legit
  19. KingLegend

    KingLegend head chav

    Amen to this.
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