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How to make a RevCMS Hotel (Staff Page/r63 Swfs/Phoenix 3.7.1 Emu/Phoenix DB)

Discussion in 'Habbo Tutorials' started by iDeliriouz, Mar 9, 2012.

  1. iDeliriouz

    iDeliriouz Teh Trollface Lulz

    Welcome to my tutorial
    Beginning downloads:​
    Notepad++ File Editor: [ Want to see this link? Register ! ]
    WinRar archiver: [ Want to see this link? Register ! ]
    XAMPP 1.7.3: [ Want to see this link? Register ! ]
    No-IP.com DNS client: [ Want to see this link? Register ! ]
    Download: Phoenix 3.7.1
    Link Removed
    Please use the original and legitimate download

    Download: RevCMS
    [ Want to see this link? Register ! ]

    Downloads have:
    -Phoenix 3.7.1 Emulator​
    -Phoenix 3.7.1 db file​
    -RevCMS with r63 swfs installed + staff page​

    Step 1:

    When you download XAMPP, check that you want Appache and MySQL installed in the middle of the download

    Step 2.

    Once you're done with downloading MySQL, Appache, and XAMPP, go to the Control Panel and check that you want MySQL and Appache to run


    Step 3.

    Once you have Appache and MySQL running, go to [ Want to see this link? Register ! ] and go to Security


    Step 4.

    Now change your pass from root to whatever you want your pass to be


    Step 5.

    Now, go to [ Want to see this link? Register ! ] and log in with the username 'Root' and your pass as whatever you made it as in step 4.

    Step 6.

    Now, go to the 'Databases' tab


    Step 7.

    Make a database named 'del_revcms' (1 "l") and click 'Go'


    Step 8.

    After that, go to your database, and click 'Import'


    Step 9.

    Click 'Choose file' and select the 'Phoenix 3.7.1 DB' file located in the Phoenix 3.7.1 file I had you download

    Step 10.

    Scroll down after you chose that file and click 'Go'
    (Upload may take a while)

    Step 11.

    Once the sql database file uploaded, your database named 'dell_revcms" should have these tables in it


    Step 12.

    Now go to your RevCMS file I had you download, and go to App > Management > and right click the config.php file and click 'Edit with notepad++'


    Step 13.

    Now edit the only things that are in red with your information:

    if(!defined('IN_INDEX')) { die('Sorry, you cannot access this file.'); }
    #Please fill this all out.

    #NOTE: To set up TheHabbos.ORG's API go to wwwroot/mysite/thehabbos_api for IIS, OR, htdocs/thehabbos_api for XAMPP and others.

    *MySQL management

    $_CONFIG['mysql']['connection_type'] = 'pconnect'; //Type of connection: It must be connect, or pconnect: if you want a persistent connection.

    $_CONFIG['mysql']['hostname'] = 'localhost'; //MySQL host - Localhost, Hamachi IP, VPS or Dedi's IP

    $_CONFIG['mysql']['username'] = 'root'; //Phpmyadmin username

    $_CONFIG['mysql']['password'] = 'root'; //Phpmyadmin password

    $_CONFIG['mysql']['database'] = 'del_revcms'; //Phpmyadmin database name

    $_CONFIG['mysql']['port'] = '3306'; //MySQL's port

    *Hotel management - All URLs do not end with an "/"

    $_CONFIG['hotel']['server_ip'] = 'localhost'; //Localhost, Hamachi IP, VPS or Dedi's IP

    $_CONFIG['hotel']['url'] = '[ Want to see this link? Register ! ]rl'; //URL to your hotel, does not end with a "/"

    $_CONFIG['hotel']['name'] = 'RevCMS'; // Your Hotel's Name

    $_CONFIG['hotel']['desc'] = 'Swf Pack & CMS pack by Delirious'; //Hotel's description

    $_CONFIG['hotel']['email'] = '[email protected]'; //Email for users to submit help requests to

    $_CONFIG['hotel']['in_maint'] = false; //false for no maintenance mode & true for maintenance mode

    $_CONFIG['hotel']['motto'] = 'I <3 ' . $_CONFIG['hotel']['name']; //Starting motto for new users

    $_CONFIG['hotel']['credits'] = 0; //How many coins new users get

    $_CONFIG['hotel']['pixels'] = 0; //How many pixels new users get

    $_CONFIG['hotel']['figure'] = '-'; //Default figure users will register with.

    $_CONFIG['hotel']['web_build'] = '63_1dc60c6d6ea6e089c6893ab4e0541ee0/527'; //Web_Build

    $_CONFIG['hotel']['external_vars'] = '[ Want to see this link? Register ! ] //External Vars [Don't edit]

    $_CONFIG['hotel']['external_texts'] = '[ Want to see this link? Register ! ] //External Flash Texts [Don't edit]

    $_CONFIG['hotel']['product_data'] = '[ Want to see this link? Register ! ] //Product Data [Don't edit]

    $_CONFIG['hotel']['furni_data'] = '[ Want to see this link? Register ! ] //Furni Data [Don't edit]

    $_CONFIG['hotel']['swf_folder'] = '[ Want to see this link? Register ! ] //SWF Folder [Don't edit]

    *Templating management - Pick one of our default styles or make yours by following our examples!

    #RevCMS has 2 default styles, 'Mango' by dannyy94 and 'Priv' by joopie - Others styles are to come, such as RastaLulz's ProCMS style and Nominal's PhoenixCMS 4.0 style.

    $_CONFIG['template']['style'] = 'Mango';

    *Other topsites.. thing

    $_CONFIG['thehabbos']['username'] = 'Kryptos';
    $_CONFIG['retro_top']['user'] = 'Kryptos';

    *Recaptcha management - Fill the information below if you have one, else leave it like that and don't worry, be happy.

    $_CONFIG['recaptcha']['priv_key'] = '6LcZ58USAAAAABSV5px9XZlzvIPaBOGA6rQP2G43';
    $_CONFIG['recaptcha']['pub_key'] = '6LcZ58USAAAAAAQ6kquItHl4JuTBWs-5cSKzh6DD';

    *Social Networking stuff

    $_CONFIG['social']['twitter'] = 'TwitterAccount'; //Hotel's Twitter account

    $_CONFIG['social']['facebook'] = 'FacebookAccount'; //Hotel's Facebook account


    Step 14.

    Now, copy and paste all the files in the RevCMS folder

    Step 15.

    Go to your start logo in the bottom left of your desktop and search up the program called 'Run' and select this one:


    Step 16.

    Now, when Run comes up, search %Appdata%


    Step 17.

    Now, search 'Xampp htdocs folder' in the top right corner and select what comes up on my search


    Step 18.

    Delete everything in your htdocs folder

    Step 19.

    Now paste all the files in your RevCMS folder into your htdocs folder

    After that, your htdocs folder should look like this


    Step 20.

    Now, go to your Phoenix 3.7.1 folder and open up the config folder and edit it with notepad++

    Only edit what's in red:

    ## Free Phoenix 3.7.1 13800 c2.1 System Configuration File

    ## Licence Information put user and password that you want

    ## MySQL Configuration
    db.hostname=Localhost - Hamachi, VPS or Dedicated Server's IP
    db.name=db name (Make it del_revcms)

    ## MySQL pooling setup (controls amount of connections)

    ## Game TCP/IP Configuration
    game.tcp.bindip= - Hamachi, VPS or Dedicated Server's IP

    ## Client configuration

    ## MUS TCP/IP Configuration
    mus.tcp.bindip= - Hamachi, VPS or Dedicated Server's IP
    mus.tcp.allowedaddr= - Hamachi, VPS or Dedicated Server's IP

    ## Console Configuration

    Step 21.

    Now, go to the Application called Phoenix 3.7.1 emulator and open it up.

    Step 22.

    Now, you just need to set up your no-ip.com dns for your domain.

    Once you've downloaded the no-ip client and registered, go to 'Hosts/Redirects' and create a host with the IP as your Hamachi's IP, VPS's IP, or Dedicated Server's IP and the domain name also.


    Then scroll down and click create host.

    Step 23.

    Client url is [ Want to see this link? Register ! ]

    Clicking enter hotel will redirect you to thehabbos api, just go to

    Example: [ Want to see this link? Register ! ]
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