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How To Make A Habbo Retro On Webhosting!

Discussion in 'Habbo Tutorials' started by GageDodd, Nov 27, 2016.

  1. GageDodd

    GageDodd Active Member

    How To Make a Webhosted Habbo Retro

    Hi guys :3 So I have been actually dying to make this thread for the longest time, just never really got around to it, so I finally decided to do it and trust me. You will love me <3. So I'm going to teach you how to make a webhosted Habbo retro. This tutorial works for any hotel version although I will be using R63 for my examples. If your going to follow this, follow it as if it was manual and not a step-by-step tutorial, there is a reason for such free screenshots and thats because its different for every webhost but the concept is the same and if you use like a manual you will do fine, its written like a manual for 2 reasons. 1) Habbo Retros are supposed to be a adventure and learning experience, so figure out new ways to do it, that's how I got started. 2) There are different scenarios for every webhost. Let me give you a little back story before I go into this "manual". First off why Webhost? Simple. Less problems. Seriously! You dont need to worry about DDOSing since most hosts have protection against that, plus cPanel has a amazing IP Denier. Don't have to worry about running Xampp or opening ports that could interfer with other programs or worrying about ISS, its all done on the webhosts side. So when someone says "Why Webhost?", Answer with, "Why wouldnt you?". When I was in 2nd Grade I wanted to make my first website. I told my parents they didn't believe in me. So I researched and researched and finally after 2 hours made a website off of Bravenet. I taught myself how to make a website off a webhost. So naturally all the websites I make are going to be off a webhost w/ cPanel ect. When I got into Habbo retros, I made my first oldschool which is also based off of Hamachi and a Webhost. Then v26 came and that was hard to do. I had never worked w/ Xampp before, but followed a tutorial and eventually made it. I didn't like how I had to keep my computer on for the server and the webspace. So, I set out to make a webhosted v26 Habbo retro, now remember this is a month after my first oldschool retro. I finished it and I just loved myself. So I am spreading the word about Webhosted Habbo Retros. This Tutorial REQUIRES a basic knowledge of how to make a Habbo Retro before attempting!

    1) Find a Webhost
    -Make sure the Webhost doesn't block Habbo Retros or Habbo Retro software. Sites like 000webhost DO!
    -Make sure you have enough space for all your CMS files
    -Make sure you have PLENTY of bandwidth!!!!
    -Make sure it is cPanel hosting!!!!

    2) Set It Up
    -To set it up first create a FTP account, then login with [ Want to see this link? Register ! ] or any FTP program of your choice
    -Go into your public_html folder (www for some webhosts)
    -Upload all your files (this includes SWFs, DCRs, CMS files, Client)

    3) Setting Up The Database
    -In cPanel you will see a box that will look something like in the image[ Want to see this link? Register ! ]. Click MySQL Databases.
    -Scroll down and fill out the Add a New User Section
    -Now go back up and type a database name, then click create db
    -Confirm it, then go back down and hit Add User to DB, select the user you just created and the database you just made. Then give the user all permissions and hit ok.
    -Go back to the fun box shown in the image link above and click Remote MySQL, now in Remote MySQL you will have a message talking about a wildcard, create a wildcard entry and go back.
    -Go back to the fun box shown in the image link above and click PHPMyAdmin, then hit the Db you made, and hit import and import your DB file.

    4) Setting Up The Hotel CMS
    -Go into your Config file, the basic config files usually have what is in the code below:

    $dbhost = "bla";
    $dbusername = "ble";
    $dbpassword = "blee";
    $dbname = "bloop";
    we are going to edit that so it has the following:

    $dbhost = "localhost (if you get DB connection errors with localhost, ping your website, and put the IP you get instead)";
    $dbusername = "the db user you created from above";
    $dbpassword = "the password you gave the db user you created from above";
    $dbname = "the name of the db you created from the above";
    -Now just edit any other files you may want edited (variables, rest of the config)

    5) Setting Up The Hotel
    -You need to have an emulator, and something to run it on.

    -To setup the emulator (assuming your using Phoenix) i have a copy of the Phoenix config file that you should fill out below:

    ## Phoenix 3.0 System Configuration File
    ## Licence Information
    *************.username= *Your Phoenix Username*
    *************.password= *Your Phoenix Password*
    ## MySQL Configuration
    db.hostname=*ping your website, then put the IP that returns here*
    db.username=*the db user you created from above*
    db.password=*the password to the db user you created from above*
    db.name=*the name of the db that was created from above*
    ## MySQL pooling setup (controls amount of connections)
    ## Game TCP/IP Configuration
    game.tcp.bindip=*The IP of the machine you are hosting the EMULATOR on*
    game.tcp.port=*The Gameport*
    ## Client configuration
    ## MUS TCP/IP Configuration
    mus.tcp.bindip=*The IP of the machine you are hosting the EMULATOR on*
    mus.tcp.port=*The MUS port*
    mus.tcp.allowedaddr=*ping your website, then put the IP that returns here*
    You have successfully created a Webhosted Habbo Retro! Run the Emulator and your done! Like if You Like It! Rep Up if its a Step Up! Comments or Questions below (and be nice please)
  2. SOUL

    SOUL ┼ ┼ ┼

    [ Want to see this link? Register ! ] [ Want to see this link? Register ! ] what do you mean "I" you stole this of someone?
  3. Neil

    Neil Active Member

    ik this copied but and form R.a.g.e.Zo.n.e. but the tut the original one was posed on 2012 so 4 years ago does this tut still work
  4. funkystrainz

    funkystrainz Member

    Aside from adding content and configuring the database to your site by using this webhosting method, do you get to choose a unique URL from possible domain names available?
  5. RyanzRetros

    RyanzRetros Developer of ChakCMS

    You should probably clarify where the emu is hosted as most people then have a VPS anyway to host the emulator
  6. funkystrainz

    funkystrainz Member

    Wouldn't you just upload the client.file to the server like it were any other page with content for the web? And execute the game by entering the path to the game file? How does the client.file open in the new window, when it is the programming of the game that appears in the client?
  7. RyanzRetros

    RyanzRetros Developer of ChakCMS

  8. funkystrainz

    funkystrainz Member

    In your post you mentioned clarifying where the emulator was being hosted? If it were on a VPS, it would be accessible to anyone with an IP address, but they would be launching the client.file from the web address upon execution, not the emulator itself. If it weren't on a vps and you were just testing a client to a local development server, or executing the command to a game file, wouldn't it still be a client.file that would load? Would you have to make edits that are applicable to a .php file in order to update an emulator, since that is what loads from the server? How would you configure the emulator to any kind of server?
  9. RyanzRetros

    RyanzRetros Developer of ChakCMS

    The emulator cannot be ran without MySQL (IIS or XAMPP) so would have to be on a server or computer. The emulator configuration would be exactly the same as usual but you would put in a proxy because yes, the client file would load the emulator IP. Therefore, webhosts are fairly pointless in that front as although the site is protected, the emulator controls the client and that IP would still be visible.
  10. funkystrainz

    funkystrainz Member

    Thanks, that's what I'm currently operating on, XAMPP. Connecting the database as a central storage to the game, as well as the site, seems to be my issue right now. I wasn't saying what you were saying was wrong, I just didn't understand it, being sort of new to the community and just having hit 25 posts. I guess as long as the server knows where game is, and there is a corresponding file to allow the sequence to interact with the web, it will be able to load on the web? The site would also only be protected by whatever the host server has as its' universal security settings? I appreciate your replies.
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  11. RyanzRetros

    RyanzRetros Developer of ChakCMS

    Indeed! And it's okay, you have a good amount of knowledge for a newbie ;)
  12. Xuxu

    Xuxu Member

    like neil said i believe these may be stolen tutorials from ages ago on the rival forum but anyways...
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  13. aqilws

    aqilws Member

    I tried before but the remote mysql just doesn't want to work with my server
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