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Retro How to make a game changing economy for the Retro Community! [ Guide ]

Discussion in 'Habbo Retros' started by Blueoptic, Aug 13, 2014.

  1. Blueoptic

    Blueoptic Time Is Money

    This is a guide/strategy for all the "new" developers trying to create a habbo retro for 2014 & beyond

    I have been playing retros since the late 2000's..
    Oh my, was it ever worth swapping from Habbo, to a "Retro". Hah it was so different to get used to, but fun. Does anyone remember those days? *V9 V18 Etc*?
    You actually experienced the game, without knowing what actually was out there? I ofc was a "noob" during the time. Most of you probably had trades like this in Habbo when you first started, but was also new to others who could use this on a retro. [ Want to see this link? Register ! ]

    The trades were simple obviously.

    I remember playing V9 retro's and earning good loads of "norms", and the odd "HC Furni". It was such an awesome experience! Being involved with a hotel with more than 500+ players... There was no such things that you saw back then: customs ( atleast the ones I had played ), 100k bars etc, Limited Edition, Utterly dumb ridiculous pricings, and or the constant roars of staff hunters on every hotel who only beg to get rares.

    PART 1

    I hope im not the only person seeing 2014 retros a waste of time. Let me explain.
    Every hotel on the RetroRankings, don't know how to develop except for a few. Majority even of the few who know how to develop don't know anything about economies. If you join any hotel, not kidding any hotel and look at the prices of say; Lt'd's (Limited Editions) They're most of the time useless items/furni that cost sometimes double-quad the ammount you start off with. Eg Joined with 9k, Ltd=35k.
    Then the funny part is they want a stable economy...

    So called "Stable" Economies are mistaken for fked up hotels.

    You can either A) play a hotel that you will never have a fun experience on, knowing that everything is at a ridiculous price.
    B) play a hotel that tries to keep a stable economy by releasing a few rares, cheap, but your hourly/minute income is like 10-100c.
    C) play a hotel with unexperienced developers/staff who are the only people that can make rooms.
    D) play a hotel where 1-10 players will have 100k-10mill coins, because are favorited, well everyone else has about 5-15k.

    Or, someone can develop and release a brand new hotel that actually intimidates the players.

    A) play a hotel where prices are balanced.
    B) play a hotel where players, can actually buy things, and staff aren't the only builders
    C) play a creative hotel, that is NOT identical to every other hotel with 0 knowledge
    D) have fun, and enjoy your experience

    Players want to be able to make money, design rooms, and play in affordable games while having chance.
    If developers are so sincere about making their hotel the best, they need to strategize the best they can.
    I myself, and other players are not going to sit on our asses trying to please unworthy developers/staff of our commitment and loyalty.

    PART 2
    How to properly stable an economy? Design your layout, Catagorize your Catalogue, imply what you want the economy to have.
    1) Choose what kind of economy you want to have; Norms, Rares, Customs
    ;Release ammount, Events, Games, Pricing, etc
    2) Release a TON of a items/furni of what you want to be used so that your economy is "stable" not 1 -5 items/furni.
    3) Player Satisfaction/Feedback
    4) Improving/Updating

    Limiting/Exeeding is the point in managing a hotel successfully, by taking risks.
    Not everything has to be Rare.


    If you want a successful economy you may follow my guide. You can call it a guide/tutorial/theory/rant.
    I really wanted to say this somewhere because when I try to approach a Owner of a hotel about how they can change
    their economy im usually insulted, and bashed at, and even sadly banned.

    Goodluck future Habbo Retro Developers in whatever you may pursue your economy as.

  2. imrce

    imrce i give good bj's

    This talks a lot of sense!
    Well done, dude. Nice one.
  3. Timothy

    Timothy Kylie Jenner

    Fresh-Hotel's owner needs to read this to be honest. -_-
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  4. Rastaberry

    Rastaberry Rooster 4 president 2k14

    They don't, they run good but the people are complainting for nothing.
  5. Whip

    Whip Retired Habbotard.

    Man if ur talking about Fresh hotel you need to see the reasons "Muscab" is banning people it's ridiculous yet they keep going back so i agree slightly with this but it's no longer a good hotel wat ever has come to Muscab's head has ruined it for everyone.
  6. Rastaberry

    Rastaberry Rooster 4 president 2k14

    I've never had bad experience with Fresh, I'm sure that you've done something that aggrevated him pushing him to ban you. I've always had great experiences with Musicab & Fresh hotel so...
  7. j0sh

    j0sh Will someone please explain the meaning of life?

    Fresh is shit.
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  8. Mega

    Mega Posting Freak

    Habbo iz sheetxx
  9. Tec

    Tec New Member

    What makes it shit? The competition? The fact it is more popular?

    Reasoning please.
  10. Wickd

    Wickd The first member of the Knights of the Pink Table

    Fresh is outdated and it's pretty much obvious that it's dying.
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  11. j0sh

    j0sh Will someone please explain the meaning of life?

    Habboon killed fresh- fresh is awful
  12. vinci

    vinci New Member

    well done, I will take this into consideration if I plan to reopen any of my hotels.
    Im incognito :d
  13. Snappy

    Snappy ^^^^UpHosting^^^^

    Tbh the only reason fresh is fucked up is because of the amount of popularity it has it was the most popular hotel for a while and once your that big its hard to change your economy.
  14. TraiNReq

    TraiNReq New Member

    Nice post man, i saw that the economy on my hotel was kinda shitty, i followed your guide, and now my hotel is peaking at about 90 - 100 users instead of 20.

    -Sorry for my bad english.
  15. Ch4ka

    Ch4ka bamboozled

    Nice Post. but More than Dozens of Hotel Still have bad Economy.
  16. YRuben

    YRuben New Member

    Snap, you know it :)
    --- Double Post Merged, Jul 7, 2015, Original Post Date: Jul 7, 2015 ---
    Snap, you know it :)
  17. Warmbryan

    Warmbryan Retired

    Theres no point for @Muscub to fucking read this shit, he will just keep wiping the hotel.

    And this is a good thread man, thanks
  18. Sab

    Sab I love milfs.

    I am taking this into consideration, thank you.
  19. Xylo

    Xylo 邪悪

    Nice guide, I like the message more than the planning. If you were a bit more detailed, I would understand it more. Control the economy and the users will be satisfied, that's peak af.

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