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How to add a badge to your Habbo Retro

Discussion in 'Habbo Tutorials' started by Adapt, Jan 2, 2016.


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  1. Adapt

    Adapt Learning Habbo Retro Developer

    So today i'm going to show you how to add a badge to your Habbo Retro ! Ok so first of all you want to get the badge you want to add.
    Then go to your CMS, R63 , c_images and then album1584
    Then you want to copy your badge from your desktop to the album1584 folder.
    Make sure it's a .gif file otherwise it won't work.
    Now come out album1584 and go down and find external_flash_texts or something similar (make sure it's external_flash_texts.txt or something like that.
    Then you want to add the code below :
    badge_name_{ID}={Badge name}
    badge_desc_{ID}={Badge description}
    And change the {ID} , {Badge name} {ID} and {Badge description}
    Make sure the {ID} for the badge name and badge description are the same ID !
    Change the {Badge name} to your badge name and change {Badge description} to your badge description you would like it to be.
    Then Save the external_flash_texts. And that's your badge added.
    Now all you want to do it go onto your Database and go on badges, create new one, ID what you put for the {ID} in the external_flash_texts and sort the other part and your badge it added.
    Now you want to clear your internet cache, reload your internet, go back to your hotel.
    Just go to your client say :givebadge (your username) and the ID you gave it.
    Then reload client and see if it works.
    If you have any problems comment or private message me !
    Hope this helped. Comment if it helped or not !
  2. alonzoforreal

    alonzoforreal New Member

    is this the same for r63b?
  3. Blasteh

    Blasteh sut min pik

  4. Zach

    Zach Member

    This is a well written, good quality tutorial however you should include some relevant screenshots to improve.
  5. theonly01

    theonly01 New Member

    The badge will not pop up in my client it says u have been given the badge
  6. iGlenn

    iGlenn :)

    clear your cache and reload
  7. Velaski

    Velaski winner

    If you got cloudflare, purge cache :)
  8. Nicholas

    Nicholas Just another user:)

    Nice tutorial, helps many.
  9. funkystrainz

    funkystrainz Member

    Do you make badges? People use paint, the default program on PC, to create them. I'm not sure what program I'd need to make some on Mac. Maybe gimp? & would I just find some badge images? I want a range of customs.
  10. RetroHunny

    RetroHunny New Member

    i tried this, but when i do the command the badge is not there. help!
  11. GoldenToaster

    GoldenToaster New Member

    Thank you for the tut :3 very helpful

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