Recruiting Hiring Habbo Retro Staff


Aug 2, 2015

Hello Devbest Mates,

My name is Joshua, most people know me as Iggy on retros or around the retro scene / community! So I have a new project coming out relatively soon for a habbo retro and I am at that stage where I want to start looking into hiring our first set of staff for my upcoming hotel! So a link below will be to a very basic application that I can learn some information about you so if interested in a position, please fill that out so we can further contact you!

Talking a little bit about the positions, I know most people will want to look into developer positions, as of right now, thats not really something I am looking for, however if that is something that you're in, I will say talk about it specifically in the comments section of the staff application! This applies to other things to such as: Graphic Designers, DJ's, etc!

I will be checking our applications relatively frequently and starting a hiring process asap as I trying get things rolling so I can get them ready for our hotel opening!

Staff Application Link:


- Joshua

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