Recruiting Hiring for lots of positions!


May 30, 2017
I'm Looking for a bunch of people to work with, If you're interested in anything below, message me!
There currently isn't any pay for these positions but i already make some sales, i get free stuff alot of the time like nitro and perks i can give to staff.

Why do i need so many staff?, There's only so much i can do and managing everything myself is becoming a huge pain so i need some people to take some positions.

We will eventually expand to other games, We did have a Minecraft server but its down for a bit while i wait for the development on bedrock (pretty much done just waiting for community development to rise), We have plans for a habbo retro and some left 4 dead 2 servers but that's for the future.

If you like gaming or are into any of these games, I need these positions filling: No prior knowledge needed, will provide!
Black Ops 2 Zombies Moderators (3 people on trial, Will also include bo1/waw zombies)
Rust Moderators (0 people)
Project Zomboid Moderators (0 people)

If you work in marketing/advertising/promotion/Admin/Moderation i need these positions filling: No prior knowledge, will provide!
Discord Moderators (0 people)
Discord Community Admin (1 people)
Twitter Manager (1 people, I will work aside you managing 5 twitter accounts)
Facebook Manager (1 people, I will word aside you managing 5 facebook accounts)
Instagram Manager (1 people, I will work aside you managing 5 instagram accounts)

if you code or are learning, i need these position filling: Please provide some sort of portfolio like github.
Black Ops 1, Black Ops 2, World At War Zombie Developer (1 people, I'll be working aside you. Language: GSC/C)
Discord Bot Developer (0 people)
Front/backend web developer (0 people)

Feel free to ask as many questions as you would like!

discord: WeedLikeToSmoke#8637


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