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Hire More FR Moderators

Discussion in 'Ideas & Suggestions' started by Blasteh, Oct 26, 2016.

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  1. Wess

    Wess BYPASSING OVERRIDE Staff Member FindRetros Moderator

    When you tell people to get off this forum because of FindRetros, I'll get you off FindRetros for doing so. If you look at the part of your message I quoted, there is no "opinion" in there. Also, you're the one leaving an immature response and assume stuff yourself in every message you've posted in this thread. Even though he is a member with only 4 posts, his comment was more accurate than yours.

    So no, it isn't abuse. I'm teaching you some decency. Remember that this part of the forums indirectly still is a part of FindRetros. And if you are being abusive yourself over here towards other members, don't expect that to go unpunished.

    As far as this thread goes, I've already answered your question. Furthermore I'll leave this thread be.
  2. Blasteh

    Blasteh sut min pik

    Alright, go look at my reports with proof. They've been settled now, I seen your thread that you linked previously. Thanks for clarification.

    You can close this thread before things pick up.
  3. Wess

    Wess BYPASSING OVERRIDE Staff Member FindRetros Moderator

    For the past few days I've swept through the first 5 pages a couple of times a day. Result: only 1 or 2 suspensions.
    This is why we need people to report stuff with enough evidence. Even if we check multiple times a day, there will always be some that slip through.
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  4. Central

    Central Imagination is more important than knowledge.

    Whats the point anyway, even if they set it on another page your still going to vote either way, perhaps its annoying but maybe they want it done like that.
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