Hi! I played on the DevBest Minecraft server back in 2011


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May 14, 2021
I've never been part of the DevBest community on its own, nor am I a developer at all, but I remember playing on the community Minecraft server back in the summer of 2011 a whole lot. It was the first Minecraft server I spent a lot of time playing on, and I think that's why it has stuck with me for so long. I have a bunch of miscellaneous memories of playing on the server: getting lost with one of my friends in a forest; building a 3-story house out of cobblestone in said forest, and dying inside because I accidentally punched my friend and their wolf killed me; struggling to get my stuff back from a horde of Zombie Pigmen who killed me right next to the portal, going in and punching them over and over, hoping they'd drop cooked pork so I could survive long enough to kill all of them; watching one of the admins test an elevator plugin at the spawn, thinking it was the most bizarre thing I'd seen in Minecraft back then... yhen when the server updated to 1.8, I joined to see the new world spawn was an island in the middle of the ocean that was griefed beyond repair, and I stopped playing around that point. Good times. I'm not sure if anybody who's still around remembers me because it's been such a long time, but my ign back then was TxTalonTx. I think I had a lava creeper skin at the time.

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