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[HELP] Not all clothes load & pets

Discussion in 'Habbo Help & Support' started by Dyso, Feb 16, 2017.

  1. Dyso

    Dyso New Member

    Hello there.

    I don't know whats the reason.. but not all clothes are loading.
    A part of it will load but the other part won't show.

    I have added the files from the newest production and the all clothes package.. but nothing changed..
    Someone maybe knows how to fix this? See image below about what I mean.


    Another thing.. my pets are not showing too..
    I replaced those files with some others but nothing changed.
    Made a screen shot of this:


    hope you guys can help me out with this, thanks.
  2. HDN

    HDN PeakRP.com

    Have you updated your figuredata in your /gamedata/ as well as in the emu itself /emu/extra/
  3. Dan3212

    Dan3212 Member

    If you haven't done this, do it, reload the emu and clear your cache.

    This is mainly the problem, people add their custom clothes/etc and don't update their furnidata in the emu.
  4. Bekmezci

    Bekmezci Member

    Can i see your chrome console ? To see if it doesn't find the items , or the problem is elsewhere

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