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[HELP] afk an brb commands

Discussion in 'Habbo Help & Support' started by anthonyy, Feb 16, 2017.

  1. anthonyy

    anthonyy Member

    okay so i've added the afk and brb command via visual studios and put them in my permissions_commands table but they don't seem to be working any help on why would be a help thankyou in advance :)
    afkCommand.cs and brbCommand.cs
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  2. JayCustom

    JayCustom echo "Web Developer";

    Your command manager can't find your classes.

    this.Register("afk", new AfkCommand());
    this.Register("brb", new BackCommand());
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  3. MasterJiq

    MasterJiq Member

    @anthonyy that's because plus can't find class 'AfkCommand', so added it with step as in @SpreedBlood thread, Smokeweed command. Just follow the tutorial then replace with yours. I have the same issues but I've fixed it.

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