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Flash HabLush - Organised Catalogue - Updated Clothes - Strict Economy

Discussion in 'Habbo Advertisements' started by li4m, Jul 9, 2017.

  1. 0llie

    0llie Developer & Radio Presenter

    I like how organised everything is, Looks like it took time not just bashed together in one night like most hotels nowadays good job @li4m
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  2. li4m

    li4m Posting Freak

    Thank you :) Nice to have you with us!

    Thanks :p
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    New peak :)
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  3. Chapo

    Chapo Graphical Services

    Decent, clean and stable eco.

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  4. cain

    cain Ego sum Deus

    I've gotta say, one of the most professional and actually habbo-like retros out there.

    Best of luck.
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  5. li4m

    li4m Posting Freak

    Thanks for the positive feedback :)
  6. Wickd

    Wickd The first member of the Knights of the Pink Table

    You mean Habboon's overflow?It's a decent hotel, nothing special just one more of those Habboon side projects.
    Best of luck.
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  7. Berk

    Berk print_r($_SESSION['RastaLulz']);

    This is amazing. Good job!
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  8. Thongs

    Thongs Member

    did habbo release all these public room furni in their catalog or is it custom?
  9. li4m

    li4m Posting Freak

    HabLush isn't a Habboon "side project" - they've helped us out with users, so what?!


    Thanks Berk!

    Custom made by us.
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  10. JMG

    JMG wut wut Staff Member

    It's actually a lot different. Play it.
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  11. Rain

    Rain G Eazy - Special love

    Good to see that it's still going strong :)
    Yeah they get users from boon, and yeah it probably wouldn't pass 30 if it wasn't for boon, but boon has helped him, and it is a decently sized hotel.

    I actually respect the hotel, the economy is impeccable. I feel the client is nicely done, but the website/cms could definitely use some love. Add some new features, whether they be unique or the same as other hotels :)

    Good luck dude and I hope you stay open!
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  12. li4m

    li4m Posting Freak

    I'll be sure to update the CMS more. Cheers, I definitely plan to stay open :)
  13. TheUndertaker

    TheUndertaker Java programmers wear glasses coz they don't C#

    Really you seriously want to talk about Hablush being Boons "side"... that's just pathetic.

    Liam good job on the hotel looks much better the. It was at first, I like your store page only downside (more of an opinion) I hate the economy system you have put in place. Some agree some disagree but users (mainly room builders) join certain retros because they have some ******* economy such as Fresh but can build lots and lots of rooms. Don't get me wrong retros need a strict economy but just not a fan of yours ;( ☺️☺️
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  14. li4m

    li4m Posting Freak

    Cheers, each to their own. Our users like this economy, everything users have on HabLush is earned from activity which is great to see.
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  15. Sledmore

    Sledmore Chaturbate Livestreamer Staff Member FindRetros Moderator

    Stop being twats. He had 30 users before Boon did anything, he probably had 60 before Boon did anything. The hotel is not affiliated with Habboon in any way, other than friendship, each time Habboon has maintenance we'll happily send users over.

    * Also, he never asked. We sent our users over without asking Liam or Hablush management.

    Looks good, keep going & just don't close it.
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  16. li4m

    li4m Posting Freak

    Will do, thanks Sled <3_<3
  17. Wouto

    Wouto http://swfvault.com/ FindRetros Moderator

    Like Craig said, Liam never asked for it. We decided that other retros needed some competition from a newer retro as the competition for retros lately is dry af and then we found HabLush, most likely the only retro which deserves some recognition from Habboon.
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  18. Wickd

    Wickd The first member of the Knights of the Pink Table

    *OFT Well you don't have to be Albert Einstein to figure out why's that happening.Habbo as a game itself has been dying ever since 2013 and with Habbo retros as well.Retro scene is always going to be "dry af" as @Wouto said;why?

    Two reasons:
    1.New kids don't join Habbo ( why would they?There are plenty of other much better mainstream games )
    2.Kids that already discovered it ( if older will probably AFK or if they're idk <14 rp or w.e they do )

    Every single retro is boring and pretty much the same.They offer same catalogue(but i reorganized muh cata must beh better!..no),same games,same everything.But i don't blame retros for that Habbo itself got really boring and not just for me but for the younger generations too.So yeah the only competition retros can participate in is which one is less boring.The only difference between retros are theirs name and topbg color schemes, lol.

    Habboon can slide, they have a mass user base to back them up.A big shoutout to all their staff and talented room builders that bring some decent games quite often.Don't get me wrong here Habboon is also boring, i don't even see them try but they balance it well.They're not even aware of potential they have (wired experts, room builders).But one thing is sure soon Habboon will be the only decent/active retro in the UK(probably everywhere else too) community.

    I just don't think we'll have a game-changing retro or retro competition ever again.

    *ONT HabLush is a decent hotel, thanks to Habboon they have more space to grow and add fun things.Hope they make the best out of it.

    Oh btw if you want to start retro competition, how about you redirect Habboon to every front page retro?Here you can start with habsay.net

    Sorreh for meh grammar idc
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2017 at 5:44 AM
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  19. TheUndertaker

    TheUndertaker Java programmers wear glasses coz they don't C#

    If retros need competition your just helping out HabLush like Wickd said, competition doesn't just contain 2 retros, one with mass user base and one with small... I can honestly comment other retros which can top HabLush.
  20. Bossman

    Bossman Member

    We've redirected to Rise hotel several times in the past, as well as having Craig join Rise and helping them out. We've also redirected to other smaller hotels. We would never consider redirecting to Habsay due to the ownership of that hotel, or hotels affiliated with Habsay.
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