Recruiting Habbo RP Positions Available


Aug 2, 2015
Hello guys,

It's been awhile since I've been in the retro scene however I would like to come back and get an RP going for the first time. With that being said, I have alot of team members needed, not really so much development members or positions like that but more RP positions in which I would actually like you guys to post your interest below and a little something about you!

As far as more information on this RP, I really don't want to post too much about it because I want it to be more of a grand opening surprise. However obviously if interested in the position and we are communicating through private message, I owe you the right to tell you on what you're applying for so I will give some basic information of what is being started up.

PLEASE comment your interest and/or private message me, either way I will be messaging you if your name pops up!

- Iggy

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