Habbo gone?


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Nov 26, 2021
Just made this acc to say this... Habbo can come back and that's only within the Metaverse, they need to re-create a hotel more RP suitable though in order for it too work.

They can create their own token which is what will generate the hotel, people work & play games to earn tokens which the token will have a USD value which is where things can get serious for Habbo...
How will they buy property? Clothes? Enhanced stats? (Strength, Intelligence, ect) yes, with Habbo's Token.
You will buy all these things as NFT's which you can then sell in the marketplace & believe me, property close to shops ect will NOT be cheap...

This is what's going on in crypto, Play 2 Earn schemes which is very possible with Habbo now that the Metaverse is becoming a thing... There are many games Playing2Earn (P2E) such as Decentraland, Sandbox, REVV Racing.

Now to me, Habbo was way ahead of it's time and now it can capitalize on such a huge market which WILL bring Habbo users back giving them a chance to P2E & I hope it does.

Last thing, Sulake, Habbo creators are selling NFT's on OpenSea of Habbo Avatars so why are they not creating their open world game like HabboRP was?

What do you think?


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Aug 28, 2020
Just turning furni into a market, Sulake really caring would bring liquidity, also adding level system involving snowstorm and other games, having 20 daily matches for free player, and 50 daily matches for those who pay the pass, for example, would become something interesting


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Nov 22, 2021
My wife plays a game called “Toontown Rewritten”. I never played ToonTown when I was younger, but she did. I see the overwhelming amount of uses on “ToonTown Rewritten” and it makes me curious as to how the Habbo Retro scene would react if Habbo Hotel closed for good. Assuming if Habbo closes its doors, wouldn’t everyone rush to Retros to “fill the void” ?

With Sulake advertising positions for a new game recently, maybe that’s a possibility if they put their focus on that and push Habbo to the back burner.

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