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Habbo Fansite - Maintenance Layout

Discussion in 'Templates' started by Noman, Feb 23, 2013.

  1. Noman

    Noman lol

    Hi DevBest,

    My friend and myself decided to make a Habbo Fansite, however we scrapped the whole thing after while since people were becoming inactive, so I've decided to release the maintenance layout i created it's fully coded as
    well. I may release the full layout design soon anyway, but for now i'm going to release this maintenance layout.

    The name of my Fansite that me and my friend were going to make was SpeakHabbo, you can change the image/banner once you download it. The images and other pieces are included.





    Live Demo: [ Want to see this link? Register ! ]
    Download: [ Want to see this link? Register ! ]


    Let me know what you think of it, I may possibly release the whole layout designs soon. :)
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  2. hi

    hi Slap my nipples and call me Betsie Staff Member

    Looks pretty nice but looks like it was made for the size of a mobile or ipad.

    Make it automatically fit the persons screen.
  3. Noman

    Noman lol

    Yeah I've got to add that in, but i think i created the layout it self pretty small. :p
  4. Reedz

    Reedz Elite Habbo'er

    I like this design a lot, it looks like it was designed on Paint.Net? A nice, simple maintenance page.
  5. HDP

    HDP New Member

    Very nice :)
    I gonna use it as a default cms :)
    Not for maintenance Xd
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  6. Evilsmoothie

    Evilsmoothie Geronimo, motherfucker!

    This is pretty decent. If I ever need a maintenance, this is on my to-use list.
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  7. Noman

    Noman lol

    Thanks, Of course I did it in Paint.NET I told you that on Skype lol.

    Thanks :D

    Glad you like it. :)
  8. ScouseWebb

    ScouseWebb New Member

    Thanks for this, i really like it.
  9. Sysode

    Sysode Front-End Developer Staff Member

    Pretty nice. Should add that the majority of the content is from podpanel.
  10. Markshall

    Markshall Русский Стандарт Staff Member Contributor

    I think I like it, it could do with some work on the navigation though.
  11. Stallone

    Stallone [◣_◢] - Legend

    I agree with Mark, but other than that really good.
  12. Fizzz

    Fizzz New Member

    This may seem kinda noobie but how do i put this into my website?

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