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Habbo CMS Layout

Discussion in 'Website Design' started by Coder, Feb 3, 2011.

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  1. Coder

    Coder Member

    Well, I'm building a Habbo CMS completely from scratch. I have a ton of ideas but those are for the development thread. I have already started working on the backend of it. I am not sure if I will release it right away or not, but regardless, if you make me a layout you will be the first to get a copy :p

    What I need... a well designed professional layout. It can be habboish, but still nice looking. Being a coder, I'm always limited by design. I just wish I had that creative eye :p

    Anyway, please make me a layout :D

    Feel free to PM me, post to this thread, or add me on msn [email protected]

    Note: It will be called nubcms :p
  2. Ayumi

    Ayumi Joshua Pike.

    So, it is a CMS for retros then? I am a little confused.
  3. Coder

    Coder Member

    Yea, it is a CMS for habbo retros.
  4. Ayumi

    Ayumi Joshua Pike.

    Is this alright so far?:
    (Navigation will change, don't worry!)
  5. iNeon

    iNeon Member

    Wow, Love This Josh!, Good Luck With It.
  6. Lindsey

    Lindsey Member

    that looks amazing :) , ;D
  7. Ayumi

    Ayumi Joshua Pike.

    Thanks guys, just something I did in 30 minutes, gotta edit navigation tomorrow to make it look sexy ;) so yeah, I'll keep you updated and I may even make a development thread if coder doesn't use it, and I'll code it myself and probably name it devbest CMS XD
  8. JameZ

    JameZ New Member

    tbh I dont like the buttons 100 %, its ok but not filled all my requirements. And i hope its not showing so much news there. Its enough with maybe 3-4?

    And i'll give it rate: 5/10
  9. Ayumi

    Ayumi Joshua Pike.

    Jake, I said buttons will be changed, and the news is auto updated aswell, e.g you hire a staff member (change rank) it goes to Welcome user$ to the team!
  10. Coder

    Coder Member

    Wow, I love it. I will undoubtedly use this (because no one has offered me anything better). Tell me when you have updated the buttons and all, but this looks really good. I commend you :p

    However, I also need the look of other boxes (For example a box with recommended groups) to see if they look as good. News Articles is unique because it displays topsite banners.
    I'm assuming it will be as good as the rest of your design :p
  11. Ayumi

    Ayumi Joshua Pike.

    Edited it, produced copy:
    Rate/Hate please?
    -Working on landing page next.
  12. Westlife

    Westlife New Member

    this one is so hot wen wil you be releasing this template its awsome 10/10
  13. Ayumi

    Ayumi Joshua Pike.

    When either coder can be arsed to get in touch with me and when I can be arsed to either code it my self or complete all of the pages lol. ^.^
  14. Westlife

    Westlife New Member

    ah thats bad i really want it
  15. Ayumi

    Ayumi Joshua Pike.

    Well, it is only going to be released here at devbest, unless people rip, so keep an eye out on this thread I guess, and generally on the forum.
  16. Westlife

    Westlife New Member

    alright i wil do it, thanks for showing off its cool
  17. Ayumi

    Ayumi Joshua Pike.

    Landing page finished: screenshot preview;
  18. Jo$h

    Jo$h Posting Freak

    Lookin Sexy~ Wish you More Luck with the CMS.
  19. Ayumi

    Ayumi Joshua Pike.

    Cheers Josh, any ideas on what I should do next?
  20. Canadian

    Canadian Я тебя люблю. Staff Member

    They look so hot! also instead of age make it motto lol
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