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Good VPS Hosting?

Discussion in 'Web Market' started by Dalt, Sep 27, 2017.

  1. Detox

    Detox Member

    I would recommend [ Want to see this link? Register ! ]. I paid 8.50$ using the code TAWK15 to save 15% on 2GB RAM Windows VPS
  2. Hashh


    Suprised its all HostSavor now, HostSavor had a really bad reputation for a while
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  3. EngeldesTodes

    EngeldesTodes Deutsch Techno-Freak WIR SIND EIN

    i use xhosts for my vps they are reliable and cheap and never mess around
  4. Zoxq

    Zoxq Member

    I would just go with OVH.
  5. Galaxy

    Galaxy Donator

  6. DeadlyHabits

    DeadlyHabits github.com/marcus-sa

    [ Want to see this link? Register ! ]
    Fuck the crappy reseller services that you link
  7. JayCustom

    JayCustom echo "Web Developer";

    hostsavor, xhosts, portservers - all shit.

    Would not recommend any of them. They are re-selling VPS's which means they don't even house the hardware that's being used. They can troubleshoot basic issues, but when their systems crash they have to reach out to the main host they are reselling from. What do this mean for you? Longer Downtime and shitty service.

    Why use a 3rd party to get the same product you can get direct? [ Want to see this link? Register ! ] I use to use xhosts, hostsavor, portservers and then I decided to bite the bullet and pay a little more for a server from OVH. Worth every penny. Downtime? 0%. I have not lost 1 day of my vps access. My vps is not slow, or laggy and is included with DDoS migration.
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  8. Ecko

    Ecko 23:37 [autobots] -!- eckostylez [[email protected]]

    ssdvps.pro is a reseller of iodc.dk

    OVH provides a good service, but everything else about them is shit.
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  9. JayCustom

    JayCustom echo "Web Developer";

    Interested to know why you say that? They have good service but everything else is shit... There's 2 parts to ovh? Service and product. Considering that most of the above listed resellers use ovh servers... Meaning that all their subsequent products would be shit?
  10. Ecko

    Ecko 23:37 [autobots] -!- eckostylez [[email protected]]

    They got rekt by shellshock, and was how people found out that in network DDoS attacks are not mitigated (mitigation is all automated too, which makes no sense). If it's not a hardware issue, they won't help you (and you have to do quite a lot to convince them something is a hardware issue). Their network is nothing special and they are overpriced. I dunno why anyone would choose them over something like Hetzner if you're gonna be hosting in the EU.

    Their management team is also a bunch of assholes. We had a meeting with them on why they weren't providing support for their customers, which is part of their partnership agreement with us. Basically told us 'why should we have to waste time supporting issues with your product'. Well.. because you agreed to it in exchange for a heavily discounted license rate, which gives you quite a lot of revenue.
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  11. DeadlyHabits

    DeadlyHabits github.com/marcus-sa

    IODC owns [ Want to see this link? Register ! ]. They have both an international service and [ Want to see this link? Register ! ]
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  12. Ecko

    Ecko 23:37 [autobots] -!- eckostylez [[email protected]]

    oh didn't know, just checked ASN
  13. DeadlyHabits

    DeadlyHabits github.com/marcus-sa

    They also have their own datacenter for Anti DDoS where they offer up to 1tbps protection with all their hosting products. [ Want to see this link? Register ! ]
  14. Ecko

    Ecko 23:37 [autobots] -!- eckostylez [[email protected]]

    welp, now I think they suck. Anyone who offers DDoS protection and then says it's up to some inane amount (1tbps) just tells me this hasn't be stress tested at 1tbps for sure. There's only a couple of recorded instances of attacks being over 1tbps and doubt datacenters are in the botnet game to properly stress test
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  15. DeadlyHabits

    DeadlyHabits github.com/marcus-sa

    True, but atleast it's their own service they offer, unlike hosting sites like HostSavor e.g.
    SSDVPS is good, quite expensive compared to others, but way better. Their support is slow though.
  16. Clif

    Clif Member

    I'd suggest, hostsavor
  17. HabbPEE

    HabbPEE New Member

    I just look for "Free Forums" then would add the Radio "as and when needed"

    No point having a Radio Imho unless your certain people weill join in - have the Foruum first I say lol
  18. JayCustom

    JayCustom echo "Web Developer";

    What does forums and radio have to do with his hotel being offline for a week and needing a need host?
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  19. HabbPEE

    HabbPEE New Member

    [ Want to see this link? Register ! ][ Want to see this link? Register ! ]
    1. [ Want to see this link? Register ! ][​IMG]
      [ Want to see this link? Register ! ]Member
      Me and a friend have been using Aaron Laudat's hosting for our roleplay hotel, and recently it's just gone downhill. We've been down for a week now, and he has given us nothing to go off of, so we're dropping his services. This is just a review on the VPS hosting I've been using.

      Aaron Laudat's personal site: [ Want to see this link? Register ! ]
      His hosting site: [ Want to see this link? Register ! ]
    Cos the OP asked this above Jay aka thread numb 1- take my advize or leave it!!
  20. JayCustom

    JayCustom echo "Web Developer";

    Clearly leave it cause no where above did the OP say he had forums and a radio. He's running a personal site ? No forums even on it? And he runs hosting services ??

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