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[Game] Minimundos Beta [MMORPG] [Like Habbo]

Discussion in 'Gaming Discussion' started by At0m, May 12, 2012.

  1. At0m

    At0m Active Member

    MiniMundos is a new kind of community virtual, a game with 3D graphics
    inserted in a stunning environment full of social collaborations, resulting
    in a truly immersive experience and immersive for players.​

    MiniMundos environments has actually different and interesting for all
    tastes. The more adventurous players can have fun on a mission incredible
    a ski resort, or explore amysterious island in a super treasure hunt attractive, while the more animated players can dance the night away and meet people
    from different regions of the country in a virtual bar.​
    The Minimundo actual staff, it was a Habbo Hotel BR Staff too. DiscoLee.​
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    What about a private ? :p
  2. Wassim

    Wassim ♕ The Awesomeness Within...

    looks ok ill join it


    not english

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