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We are more then excited to announce the launch of our public Alpha.
We have been in this Alpha since we launched our Private alpha stage about a month ago.
after a long awaited period of time we have finally found a release version of our server that we are satisfied with making public for people to play and for everyone to enjoy

Why Play Frost Realm?
We pride our selfs on our hard work and dedication to providing the best for everyone!
we take suggestions/feedback from everyone and take it into account, we love to work with
our community on making the best experience possible for them including fixing bugs glitches
and any other issues they may encounter.

Whats Frost Realms Current State?
The following list below is a list of what Frost Provides.
Class Spells / Talents - 99% Complete
Cataclysm Dungeons / Raids - Working
Tens Of Thousands of working Quests

All Battlegrounds / Arenas - Working
Goblin / Worgen Zones - Working
Great Staff & Community

Is Frost Looking for GM's(Game Masters)?
We get asked this question alot of our community and the basic answer to the question is
Yes, We have a strict staff team and we are willing to look for more GM's for our community
but we do not just give GM to just anyone on the server we usually look for active dedicated helping members to be apart of our GM Team, with that being said for those who are looking to
just join Frost and Go "Can I have GM" the answer is no, Do not ask because chances are you will not receive it if you ask. We always keep an eye out and like to see our users helping eachother as well as promoting our server so be sure to be helpful and respectful have fun and enjoy the game and who knows maybe you'll be contacted by one of our GM's for a interview.

How Can I Join For Free?
Well even if you don't have the world of warcraf game we provide you with our .exe client to join the server and play as a normal user you can download it
from our how to get connected page
its simple to register and get started simply just
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