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Apr 13, 2016


I currently have a UK server up and running on FiveM. We go by the name of "Greater Manchester Roleplay Community" as this is a roleplay server that is based in 'Greater Manchester'.

Another thing to mention is that the RP will be based around the area I live in which is Greater Manchester. All of the cars that are already replaced have been replaced with the GMFRS and GMP vehicles. As well as that, most of the servers on FiveM are usually using a framework (vRP or ESX), but for this RP we will not be using any of these frameworks, we will hopefully be adding some jobs soon, as for now it's basically a freeroam server; you can do anything that you like.

I'm looking for another owner that has the knowledge of how to run a server properly. The main job of hiring another Administrator of this server would mainly be to invite players and be able to keep a steady community.

I've spent several hours trying to get this RP as custom as possible. I've created / added several different resources that will help the RP to stand out than the rest of the FiveM servers that are currently public. The difference between the RP that we have got and the others that are out there, is that 99.9% of our textures have been textured by myself (This includes buildings, vehicles, textures etc).

By taking up this Administrator role, you wouldn't need to bother about server costs as this is all being handled already, the job of being an Administrator for this RP, is that you will take care of the community that we will be able to gain. That is pretty much the specific information for this role.

If you are wondering what we use to communicate to our players with, we only use TeamSpeak and our website.
At this stage we feel like there is no point in adding a Discord as we don't see any use of it at the moment, but this may change in the future.

Server Information:
Slots: 32
Gamemode: Freeroam

If you would like to join the TeamSpeak then you can do .
If you feel like you're up to this position then feel free to either message me on here, or connect on TeamSpeak (As I am usually there).
You can also visit the website: However, at this current stage the website is not 100% complete.
You can also join the server by clicking on the banner at the top.
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Apr 13, 2016
The thread has been updated with the correct information.
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Also just to put it out there; I am also looking for a model skinner. This means that you are able to create a full model skin for any cars that are purchased.

For example, if I was to purchase a brand new 3D car model from somewhere like Hum3D you will then create the skin for it. I will be able to pay you for this role, but this will depend on how the skins will end up at the final stage.
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I'm just going to be uploading some pictures of what we have already. I've left most of the screenshots out so that you will be able to experience what we have for yourself.

This is some of our fleet for the NHS + Our re-texture of the Pillbox Hospital Near legion square. This is the bottom half of the hospital, and there is a lift inside that takes you to the upper half of the hospital which you can gain access from the top as well. (Second picture)



Here's just a quick video of me just roaming around the streets.

If you're trying to fight a fire with just an extinguisher and you're waiting for your other firefighters to turn up with more fire extinguishers, you do not need to wait for them anymore! We have now added a firehose which you are limited to 1-2 each fire vehicle.

I am doing a lot of things right now, but I will try and update this thread with a lot more updates.

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Also just as another side note; I am starting to design a whole re-work of the Los Santos area. This is not part of the same project as the GMRP server, however when the final project is finished, this will then be applied to the server.

You might be thinking that this will be a waste of time, but I think this will increase the realism that is already implemented in the server. I will try my very hardest to get the buildings & interiors close enough to the ones that are actually in Manchester itself.

However, the main focus right now is just the actual server "GMRP".
By joining at the current state, you may see some buildings / areas being worked on.
There are a lot of features that have been thought about and are in the works already, and I believe that once this RP has gained a community I think it will grow to a very high ranking server in the current FiveM server listings.

Note: I will keep you all updated with a weekly changelog of what's been added / changed.
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Oct 26, 2020
I’m interested, can I play or work here?

If you’re remodelling LS into GM then it’s a lot of copy and pasting replacing basics. Correct me if I’m wrong, it looks good.


Apr 13, 2016
You can do both, if you're looking to play on here then you can join via the server details at the top of the thread.

If you're interested working on here either as an Administrator or an actual in-game job role then I can help you get started with that.

I'll also update the thread with more information about the whole retexturing to Greater Manchester.
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Just a quick update;

If anyone has the time to manage a FiveM server (Partnered Ownership) of this RP, then feel free to message me. I currently have a lot of things being setup for this RP, which I am mainly focused on the back-end of the 2 projects that I have on-going currently.

Feel free to message me either on here, on the website; , TeamSpeak or even Discord: Joshhh#6650. I'm pretty much available all day, so feel free to message me anytime of the day / night.

This is not a post about the server going downhill, this is just a post about what's currently happening, and to see if anyone's interested at the current position I'm offering.
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It's me again!

If you've been wondering what ever happened to this project; quick answer to that. I lost motivation with it, and just dropped it for a while. However, I have finally caught myself up in this project again and I am starting from where I left off.

It is now under a different address altogether, but still sticking with the same name.

Hopefully I can keep this thread up-to-date with the recent changes / fixes that have been applied on the server.

I'm unsure on whether you're allowed to post a Discord invite link to the direct server? Hopefully I can so here it is: However if not, you'll be able to find it on the website once I've got it back up and running.

However, if you do feel like managing this RP alongside with me, then don't forget to message me, and we'll hopefully sort something out. HYPERS
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Jun 8, 2012
I like this one, I might check it out, looks like you definitely put in the work for it.


Apr 13, 2016
I've been working on this RP for a while now, and just looking back on what it used to be and what it is now, is quite a big step for moving forward.

There has been several updates done to this server, the pictures that have been published at the start of the thread are completely different to what is on there now; I will find some time to update the thread with the correct pictures.

I have also changed the Discord Server link to:

Like I said earlier, I am only doing a test trial with the Discord Server to see if it works with the RP.. (Hopefully it does, but we'll see).

But ignoring the Discord server for now, we are making huge changes to the server, so if you feel like joining, feel free to have a look around! YEP

I also forgot to mention that the new IP of the server is: Once you open up FiveM and click 'Play' you can go to the search and just enter the IP and it should show up with the server. If not, then you can always search for "GMRP" and it should show up after that.
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Here's just a changelog of what's recently happened; (18/05/2021)

Added several speed cameras around town; (I'm sorry for the weird graphics, I did have to record this on my phone)..
(With this video, there was a flash if you didn't see it & what that does is, it automatically sends the officers on duty a notification that a speed camera has caught someone speeding.

- Also added speed warnings around town (can also be found on some motorways).

- I've also updated some scripts for our emergency vehicles such as; Allowing the firetrucks' ladders to move up, down, left & right. Allows someone to climb up the ladders to gain advantage of tough high spots. (This video will come soon).

- Re-worked on some of the police peds; AXON Body Camera's now fully work, footage can now be captured and stored back at the police station for any further use.

- All emergency vehicles such as; Police cars & Ambulances all have working laptops / tablets in their car. Even though you might think they're useless, in the police cars you can access your CAD from there (Which is very useful). In the Ambulance vehicles these are useful for the NHS workers for new incoming jobs (This works over the radio and on here).

- Our SWAT teams have also been re-worked on; this includes the peds and the gear that they can use. I have now added specialist vehicles for our teams to use. This includes upgraded TAU (Tactical Aid Unit) vehicles with brand new shielding and more. There has been a lot of new things in development for a while, and some new gear that has been replaced / added are as follows; New shields (for riots), re-texturing for the guns e.g. G36C's with scopes and grips, a bomb disposal machine that officers can control from a secure van. This machine can detonate & test various bombs that criminals can use. (Only trained / specific ranks of the police can use this). Note: We are working on our bomb disposal vans as this post is being made. Here is a small clip of that bomb disposal machine;

- As well as having new machines for our SWAT teams, I have just added a new K9 dog; this may seem easy, and yes you would be correct. Only specific ranks of the policing team can use this script as it is restricted and can do a lot of things. Our K9 menu allows you to search, attack, guard and follow. Depending on what vehicle you are using, the dog will only get in certain ones. This is because many of our vehicles don't have a spot for a dog to go inside, so we have made sure that our dog unit vehicles have been created beforehand.

- I've mentioned about speed cameras & speed warnings that can be found on main streets & motorways, but apart from that, we have added motorway signs across 80% of the motorways across the entire map. Whenever you're on a motorway and you've passed a sign that sometimes says "Congestion ahead, Slow down" then you'll know what I'm talking about. These signs are controlled by Highways Maintenance & the Police. These are mostly controlled behind the scenes and do get updated regularly. So whenever there is people online on the server and someone does see a sign that is lit up and says something, that sign will be live tracking everyone.

- I've mostly mentioned about the Police & the NHS but hardly anything about our Fire service. I have mentioned previously about the ladder situation and what's happening to that, but also just in case you thought I was done with that (I'm not). I have been making sure that the server is becoming more realistic as possible, and that's what brings me to this. You might've played GTA before, and I'm pretty sure you have done, and whenever you see a fire you either put it out with a fire extinguisher on the game, or you just wait for rain in-game to put it out or even the fire service in-game to do it for you. Well in this case, if you have been accepted into our Fire service, this will become more realistic for you to play. Such as; I've currently added new supply lines across the main city. (As I haven't got round to do the other side). These supply lines allow you to hook up your fire hose to it so that you have access to a water line somewhere in the city. Once you have safely fitted the hose onto the line, you can start using the hose until it runs out. Depending on what firetruck you have been attached to, there will be a limited amount of hose pipes that you are allowed to use.

That is it for now, until I have more videos & pictures for you.
But if you are interested in joining this server feel free to do so.
Also if you're looking to join our Discord then feel free to do so .
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Just a few more updates (25/05/2021);

- From previous updates we did add our K9 Menu as mentioned but I never got around to showing you a video so here it is; As you can probably tell, the animation of the dog getting out & inside the vehicle isn't that smooth, as it acts like it's a person.

- Also as mentioned previously in our original post, we have added more & more british-style props to the streets. Back in the original post back in August of last year, we had only added the props to the main city and that was about it. Within the past couple of days, these props have been extended to the other counties elsewhere.

- We have added several different tools / games (If you would like to call them games anyway). These tools include lockpicking, 'hacking' for example, you would go and buy a laptop from some 'dodgy' dealer, or even a computer store, and start learning new techniques of these 'hacking' ways. The different techniques that you learn are based off the level that you are from doing this sort of 'job'. Each of these activities are always being watched by the MI6. So you better watch out what you are doing!

- We have designed a new UI for the server. We have decided to use another UI temporarily so that I can gain ideas from different UI's that have already been pre-built. I have already come up with different idea's on what to create that is completely different from all of the other servers that are public on the FiveM server list. Here is a picture:


From our previous experiences of creating resources and using others, we have noticed there a lot of resources that take up CPU & RAM usage. This has took quite a large effect on the server, as it is reducing everyone's frames. Within the last couple of days / the next upcoming days, I will be taking time to go through each script that I currently have, and cleaning up most of the code that people have done. I know that most people have totally different computer specs, and I know that can also make a difference on what FPS you can get, but from my own experiences, at first I had trouble getting at least 30 FPS (On medium settings), however after changing a very big resource, I've finally got my FPS all the way back up to 90+ FPS.

With that being said, I think the next update will probably be the 2nd week in June looking at this, as well as the update to-do-list. This update list has not been very large, but hopefully in the next one, there will be a lot more to come. As well as that, I will be posting the full updates on the website, once it's fully complete.

If someone does want to help with the server.
This means that you might just want to help us test a lot of things within the server.
If you would like to do that, then don't forget to contact me on here or on Discord.
If you have forgotten the link to Discord then here it is:

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