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Sep 8, 2022
We are a active player base of around 20+ players in daily at the same time. We are from all over the world (UK, Europe, Australia, United States) and are currently looking to expand our numbers.

We are working with a soft realistic economy.


Right now we are looking for:


Currently our departments LSPD and BCSO are hiring people!

Anyone can join the Police force, doesnt matter if you have experience or not, we will train you!

-- working K9 system
-- Gang Task Force Unit
-- Evidence Locker to analyze Fingerprints,Bullet Shells, Blood samples and more
-- Custom PD Vehicles (10+ different vehicles with the option to change the livery to unmarked)
-- Police Helicopter
-- Very good Pay
-- Good career-ladder options to climb the ranks
-- Sub divisions are open and looking for people as Gang Taskforce and Highspeed Patrole



We are also looking for people interested in joining the Medic and Fire Department!

-- we need new people that dedicate themselfs to saving peoples lifes. It doesnt matter if you are experienced or not, our EMS team is happy to train you



- We have 5 Gang spots open right now. We are looking for Streetgangs, Cartels, Motorcycle Clubs any kind of gang. We hope to see already a established group of people to come in and take a gang spot.

- Gangs can have up to 10 Members

- Get support from Staff with finding your perfect crew hideout/clubhouse

- Get weapons you can craft (need to be unlocked)

- Get your own drug route to craft a unique drug.



- You just want to be a normal citizen ? No problem we got plenty opportunities for you.

- Work at a player owned Restaurant, Bar, Nightclub, Stripclub, Farm, Slaughterhouse

- Make your money through our Job Office jobs and mini jobs available for everyone

- Interested in running your own business ? Come up with a idea and we will help you out

- Want to be a small time criminal ? We got plenty of activities, ATM robberies, Bank Trucks, Store robberies, Fleeca Banks, Jewelery Stores, Pacific standard bank, Drug dealing and more


Quickly about our Server and what we have to offer:
  • ESX Based Server
  • Good Economy (good ways to earn Money legally and illegal, no extremly over-expensive Prices on things like Cars)
  • Mixed population between male and female players
  • Active Community (20+ players in daily) mixed between EU and USA population
  • Whitelisted Jobs (PD, EMS, Real Estate, Judges, Lawyers)
  • Job Office Jobs and Minijobs for extra Money
  • Player owned Businesses (create a SOP for the Company of your dreams and run your own business)
  • Custom Vehicles
  • Free Time activities (Fishing, Billard, Bumper Cars, Metal detectors to explore the beaches)
  • Great Community, Streamer-friendly, e-girl friendly, very active and passionate Staff/Developer team


What are our Requirements:
  • Be 18years or older
  • Have a working Headset
  • Should be able to communicate in english
  • Be ready to start a new adventure and create amazing RP

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Our Discord:

In the discord you will have to fill out a small application to join the city.
Have a great day, and thank you for reading.
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