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FIFA 18 - You hyped or not

Discussion in 'FIFA' started by Owen, Sep 17, 2017.

  1. Owen

    Owen @OwenGFX

    So all the features have been confirmed for FIFA 18. No fifa street, new alex hunter campaign in which he transfers from chelsea to a new club ("yay"), uhh career mode had like 1 change ("yay"), FUT is the same old shit basically, pro clubs is same old.

    whats ur thoughts lads, we hyped or not!
  2. Spartan

    Spartan Donator

    I play Fifa Street on Xbox 360 so.. NOT!
  3. Ecko

    Ecko 23:37 [autobots] -!- eckostylez [[email protected]]

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    @Sledmore do your job
  4. Sledmore

    Sledmore Chaturbate Livestreamer FindRetros Moderator

    I stepped down, but this is ridiculous. A couple days out of the job and this section is going downhill.

    @bigdawg we need change. And don't tell me to go to bed.
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  5. TesoMayn

    TesoMayn Boredom, it vexes me.

    I agree, it's time to remove the FIFA section!
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  6. JMG

    JMG wut wut

    Never been a fan at all. Don't see what's so good about playing a football game when I can go for a kick about in real life, seems like it's the same game over and over again.
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  7. Hashh


    I am getting it on Tuesday
  8. Paypal

    Paypal Freelance developer

    Honestly, never liked Fifa and its always the same old thing.
  9. Hashh


    I am playing it atm its okay not a big improvment tbh
  10. Westyy

    Westyy Moderator Staff Member

    Fifa is fifa, nothing changes each year only FUT changes and team changes and few other stuff here and there. But it's the same shit as always.
  11. Plughoteell

    Plughoteell Donator

    not really botherd still play 2015 or 2016 me so doesnt really bother me.
  12. distributi0n

    distributi0n New Member

    I bought the £90 edition just the other day, and I'll go into detail a little on how my experience was.

    It's much better, in previous editions of Fifa they would have fixed something but something else broke, they would make defending really good but then oh, attacking is broke got to fix that but this year it seems like they've sorted all the bad things about it, the things an advanced player looks at anyway.

    They've also added cut scenes for career modes where you can sit down and have a talk with agents or other players about transfers, renewing contracts, they'll even add little clips like a player getting really mad and storming out of the room if you're offering them a bad contract.

    It also includes the same thing as Fifa 17, a story (the journey) although it's much more interactive with the clip scenes, more to do, and you can angle decisions better.

    PES has really brought it back this year also, but it seems Fifa has also stepped up its game to break even, I still prefer Fifa over PES though. Interface sort of still feels the same, but it feels much fresher.

    My comments are based on the career mode mostly, but overall it seems a fair upgrade, still the same game really though, just depends if you want to blow £90 on a few graphic upgrades, cutscenes, and a fresh game experience.
  13. Plughoteell

    Plughoteell Donator

    not a big fan of the new releases probs cos its cost too much lmao but im still caught up on fifa 16 its the best so far in my opion.
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  14. HoldUp

    HoldUp ye?

    Never really play fifa just get so bored it's the same thing every game lol pointless tbh..
  15. Activ

    Activ New Member

    Fifas just boring
  16. distributi0n

    distributi0n New Member

    Then you clearly haven't played Fifa 17 or Fifa 18, both versions have introduced new major features, that totally change parts of the game.
  17. Activ

    Activ New Member

    Fifa isn't bad. I find Fifa 18 better because of the graphics etc.
  18. HoldUp

    HoldUp ye?

    I played Fifa 17 but I'm not really a huge fan of Fifa, Pes etc I get bored so quickly
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  19. simonsejse

    simonsejse New Member

    Fifa is great..

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