princeofpeace' pid='52326154' dateline='1472937506 said:
His banners look amazing! Very good HQ seller :)!
Fisto' pid='52326353' dateline='1472938484 said:
Looks almost like Kings sales thread design as well
ASTRAPI' pid='52336089' dateline='1473014344 said:
Hi quality designs and very good prices !!!! :)
verneri' pid='52361323' dateline='1473198046 said:
Good luck with sales, buddy. Good looking thread!
Lufasu' pid='52368487' dateline='1473266353 said:
Vouch for water :)
Did me a cool logo for my work thanks again !
Seasonal' pid='52369216' dateline='1473271447 said:
Vouch, user is making me one currently for my thread.
Ste4lth Ph4ntOm' pid='52381745' dateline='1473371841 said:
Quick and fast response!
Trustable user and perfect work.
Transcendent' pid='52399873' dateline='1473530356 said:
Vouch, made a logo for me for a cheap price, and didn't stop until I was satisfied. :blackhat:
Persecute' pid='52424679' dateline='1473719894 said:
This guy helped me out with a GFX problem i had for super cheap and super quick. Don't hesitate to buy, his shit is golden!
Cheddar' pid='52444330' dateline='1473870528 said:
Cheap and High Quality indeed, definitely worth your time and money
ParadiseDealz' pid='52462733' dateline='1474030941 said:
OP makes HQ GFX designs for cheap price vouch for his service and thanks for my Logo
Peakz' pid='52466375' dateline='1474060919 said:
got my Logo in 1 day good service aye, my friends like!
ASTRAPI' pid='52272614' dateline='1472519330 said:
Top quality and good prices :)
FrankServices' pid='52494678' dateline='1474302421 said:
Experienced and quality designer! Good luck with your services OP!
r0flez' pid='52525326' dateline='1474553078 said:
vouch for you WaterM... proper good GFX skills with quality friendly attitude also.
Thank you very much for my signature... I love it...
Xaros' pid='52606139' dateline='1475184915 said:
Fast responses, quick work, and really clean graphics.
Thanks brother!
Ag1312' pid='52612739' dateline='1475242268 said:
Vouch bought gfx from him
Fatal Flaws' pid='52680275' dateline='1475788268 said:
Thanks a lot man really great work!
Pl0x_' pid='52904905' dateline='1477581383 said:
Vouch for this guy ! Although he is new on HF but why not give him a chance to show what he can do? Instead of letting Kinggfx monopolies the GFX industry on HF, why not let the new comers to be able to have a chance to earn a living too?

All of my projects' GFX were done by him and I'm truly satisfied by the design he has done. Great GFX designer that doesnt lose to Kinggfx.
Lovely❤️' pid='52919291' dateline='1477694527 said:
does dope designs just helped me out a ton!
x0176852' pid='52981893' dateline='1478199121 said:
Vouch for my funny friend, he do a gfx work trying to get a free "shit" steam url :p :roflmao:
Nos.' pid='53608769' dateline='1482966430 said:
Made me some free shit, highly recommended.
M.D.' pid='53621595' dateline='1483053616 said:
Cool dude, did some awesome work for me. Vouch vouch vouch! GLWS!
Arab' pid='53782596' dateline='1484254492 said:
Vouch for WaterM, wonderful works!
ezln0423' pid='53927235' dateline='1485466261 said:
Awesome dude to deal with and crazy fast and welcome service... Thank you nate
Oxyd' pid='54089473' dateline='1487006135 said:
Did an awesome work for me, wonderful work.
Will definitely come back to him in case I need anything.
Winged-wyvern' pid='56955178' dateline='1523622634 said:
Op is trustworthy and makes good products
Captain Morgan' pid='57247016' dateline='1529579773 said:
Used his service with good results.
He works fast and seems to make as many edits you request.

Great work!
Arctic Wolf' pid='57253532' dateline='1529714738 said:
bought some designs from this guy thnx
Siciliano' pid='57277344' dateline='1530219620 said:
Smooth exchange with OP, very high quality user, do not hesitate to deal with him. VOUCH!

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