[EU]RustyBean 2x Main Vanilla


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Jul 31, 2021
Hello! We launched our rust server called RustyBean.
Join: client.connect
Some information about the server:
  • Barrels won't drop crappy items.
  • The gather multiplier is 2x.
  • 2x smelting speed.
  • Half crafting time.
  • LVL1 bp's unlocked.
  • Stack size is vanilla.
  • Team limit: 6.
  • Map size: 2500. (Till we not reach 30-50 players) it will be 3500
  • Short nights: 7 min.
  • Map wipe every Thursday at 5 PM GMT+1, BP wipe monthly on the first Thursday at 5 PM GMT+1
You can find more information about our server on our discord server.

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