- [EU] Central Trio | 2x Gather Rates | Weekly Wipes


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Sep 12, 2021
[EU] Central Trio | 2x Gather Rates | Weekly Wipes

We aim to provide the best PVP rust experience without the grind of traditional vanilla servers. Weekly wipes and a small map provide the perfect PVP experience for all players. Join now for a lag-free, non-grindy PVP experience!

Server Features:
  • Junk Removed From Loot Tables And Made Default BPs,
  • No Lag,
  • 2x Gather rates,
  • 2x Recycler speeds,
  • 2x Smelting speeds,
  • 3k Map Size,
  • Active Admins,
  • Max Team Limit 3.

Wipes Thursday @ 7pm BST.
Be sure to join our discord server here:

To Join Click or connect here:

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