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Sep 12, 2022

I've created two Hardcore Vanilla servers (Livonia/Chernarus) with no stupid rules that are similar to the official servers, the only added modes that significantly change the gameplay are Unlimited Stamina and Mightys Military Gear.

Livonia IP:
Chernarus IP:
or you can access the servers in the DZSALauncher/Official Launcher by searching for "step1".

Server features:
  • First Person
  • Loot+ (Medical: 3x | Tools: x2 | Tier 3+ Clothing: 3x | Under Tier 3 Clothing: 1x | Country Patches: 6x | Tier 3+ Weapons: 2x | Under Tier 3 Weapons: 3x | Containers (except Barrels and Tents): 3x | Vehicle Parts: 2x | Explosives: 2x)
  • CodeLock
  • BuildEverywhere
  • In-Game Map (without player position, the purpose is to avoid having to open the map in the browser)
Discord link:
Forum link:

Feedback on the Forum or Discord is much appreciated!

Have fun!

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