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Error with Phoenix 3.11.0 Emulator

Discussion in 'Habbo Help & Support' started by ano2k77, Dec 16, 2013.

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  1. ano2k77

    ano2k77 Member


    I need help with my phoenix 3.11.0 emulator, it's the only problem with my hotel and then it'll be all sorted, can anyone help me? The error is the emulator when I enter the client, I'll post a screenie of what it says:

    phoenix emu error.png

  2. Obey

    Obey You just played yourself.

    After that, does your client D/C or just stay on hotel view?
  3. ano2k77

    ano2k77 Member

    Stays on hotel view for about 20 seconds then disconnects
  4. n00b

    n00b n00b

    Can you post your emu config please?
  5. ano2k77

    ano2k77 Member

    What part of the emu config?
  6. n00b

    n00b n00b

    The full thing.. example.

  7. Beny

    Beny New Member

    is the configuration between your cms, swfs and emu right?
    check the swf links in your cms config.
  8. ano2k77

    ano2k77 Member

    It's alright guys, mate sent me a working phoenix 3.11.0 emulator and it all works fine now, thanks for your help though!
  9. TruCluez

    TruCluez Posting Freak

    Problem solved. @Legion close thread
  10. Legion

    Legion Vape Lord Staff Member

    Thread closed upon request.
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