GTA SA [English] Wanted Roleplay [Refunding]


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Aug 15, 2012

Hey Guys I'm Ken Bui Owner Of Wanted Roleplay and we are very new just opened yesterday we are based in Los Santos and we are a Light Roleplay server very nice script with A LOT of cool features.
LSPD - Los Santos Police Depart [Leader: Kenjii Montanna]​
FBI - Federal Bureau Of Investigation [Vacant]
LSFMD - Los Santos Fire Department [Vacant]
NG- National Guard [Vacant]
Sa-News - San Andreas News [Vacant]
Government- [Vacant]
Famillies System
Factions System
Donator System
Turf System
Paintball System
Business System
Garage System
Gate System
House System
Phone System
Jobs System up to 14 different jobs
And much more!
Why should you choose Us?
Because, We're New we have a unique script very nice are admins are loyal they will help you at anytime all you have to do is just report we are also looking for Admins, Scripters, Faction Leaders, Helpers, Mappers to who wouldn't want to join Wanted Roleplay if you join you wouldn't regret it.
TeamSpeak: Coming Soon
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