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Apr 18, 2021
English Losers


Welcome, the EL Server is one that forces the forces of teamwork and cooperation into action in order to grow and survive. The careful economy set in place joint with numerous mods makes it a team effort to make enough money to buy and play with top tier gear.

PVP is always enabled, of course, no camping outside trader zones up to a 300m safezone in some areas and 150m in the black market. KOS is enabled, making this experience truly reliant on teamwork in order to secure the loot and grow your way up the server! Whether you want to approach an enemy guns blazing or create an alliance, do as you will in order to grow your name.

You can make money in many numerous ways using our trader systems! There are 2 safe traders at Green Mountain and Klen, and a black market trader at the Biathlon Arena. These traders buy and sell the gear you need to build a base and survive. From basic tools, to heavy weaponry.

We have added the cannabis mod into our server which is a true money maker! Many different types of seeds spawn around the map inside hunting shacks and greenhouses, some strains selling for over 60k!

Base building is essential in order for you and your clan to secure the loot you've gained! We have added a few mods to help with that such as BaseBuildingPlus, Codelocks etc. This will ensure your enemies have a hard time getting in! (all rules written on discord about bases)

Raiding is enabled, meaning people can use raid tools such as breach charges to get into someone's base. Join the action, grow the movement. Become part of the EL.

Bank Capacity (inside ATM's) is 250k!

This PC server is hosted on the highest quality hardware with lightning fast UK speeds, 3 hour restarts and a brilliant team of experienced staff! With an active discord staff, any problems can be promptly dealt with.

If you're looking for a great place to enable your teamwork skills as well as survival instincts, you've come to the right place. Join us at the English Losers Server and become one of the squad!

English Losers |Helis|BBP|loot+|1PP|PVP|Bases|Traders|AirDrop


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