Devslopes Review [Don't Join]


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Jul 27, 2021
I had to pause my payments for the course because of the civil unrest in my country. I sent them an email explaining my scenario and they didn't even have the decency to even reply but instead were quick enough to remove the course from my dashboard 3 weeks before my month was finished. They don't respond to emails once you have paid so be careful. I get the feeling that once they have received your deposit then you are just a number. I would not recommend these guys to anyone. Oh and good luck getting your money back, please don't make the same mistake I did😔#feelsRobbed

My full review of the Devslopes Academy and if it's worth starting.

Well, I can tell you where a good place isn't to start
Because for $3000 you will learn how to... well that's the thing you won't learn anything.

All the promises of offering mentorship is a bunch of bull...
They have 1 mentor for each of the programs and you would be lucky if you got a response within 2 days.
When you eventually do get help, the response is short and often you end up having to find the answer yourself.
They have 1 weekly meetup which is on a Saturday which is where you get to ask your questions but bear in mind there are quite a few people that will be there to ask questions too. I often found that when asking a question the lecturer would go into explaining about how other things worked which ended up being more confusing. If they could just explain the concept that was asked then I think I would've learnt more instead of an overload of information.

When I tried to quit within the first month I was refused a refund of $1250 and was told that if I quit they wouldn't give me back my refund but instead this is the reply I got from Mark:

Hey ####,

We don't offer refunds and we are very clear about that to all students who enroll. You spent days and even weeks trying to get into the program, now you are trying to get out. (Not once did they mention that there would be no refunds or else I wouldn't have signed up.)

I've gone through all of your questions and communications. You are receiving help.

You have completed 35% of the program. Our teachers grade assignments. (These can up to 2 weeks to be reviewed).

We will help you all the way until the end. If you want more help we'll give you more help. (There was no extra help offered)

Ultimately you can have success here.

The only thing you can't do is get a refund.

Your options are:

1. Continue the program and payments and we'll help you become a paid Android developer
2. Stop making payments. Lose what you already paid, and don't take advantage of the Academy

I want you to know this is the EXACT same thing I tell every student who comes to me looking for a refund. We don't do refunds.

We help people become developers. We don't mess around. We don't play games. We are here to train people to become successful.

Dropping out of a program before you finish it is everything we are against. You committed to this, now you need to finish it.

Let me know which option you want to pursue.

If #2, I will have to disable your account.


I actually made the mistake by believing them and did I get more help or did anything change?
The short answer is NO! I even changed to a different course thinking things would be different and that the mentor might help more seeing that he was employed full time by Devslopes but this didn't help at all. The mentor took even longer to get back to me and was always short with his answers.
The weekly meetups for the Web Development Academy was all chit chat and nothing informative came out of it.

I am warning you because I wasted money on his courses a few weeks ago and I am so pissed off with myself because I was so gullible into believing them.

But there is some good news. I have joined Zero To Mastery Academy which is a fraction of the price.
Check them out:
Most of the Teachers from Udemy are part of the Academy and they have their own Discord channel.
There are often 6 or more mentors on which are available to assist you and the owner Andrei responds to students which I found Mark didn't do.

Save your money folks, and avoid at all costs.

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