Devils Areola|PVP|350K Start|KOTH|AirDrop|Heli|ATM|Trader|BM|Drug|Toxic|C4RaiD


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Feb 14, 2021
Devils Areola|PVP|350K Start|KOTH|AirDrop|Heli|ATM|Trader|BM|Drug|Toxic|C4RaiD

Check Out Our Discord:

Direct Connect: : 2302

Ready for a challenge? Then wander through the dangerous world of Chernarus. Where players are not the only thing
you will have to watch out for.

Bring the PVP and Raiding ON - Few limitations full KOS and Raiding

Grab your NBC gear and brave the Toxic Zones fighting of Players, Zombies, Wolves, and Bears to come out unharmed and loaded with loot.

Build your Base and cultivate your strains of Cannabis to sell to players or transport to the Drug Trader.

Hunt, Fish, Skin to Trade your Pelts and Meat with the Hunting Trader and fill your bank.

Become The King of The Hill and fight off Zombies and Players to hold down the flag and claim the Loot.

Increased animal spawns, custom zombie spawn, increased loot,

Toxic Zones at Tisy and Troitskoe - Gear up at the BM or Hunting Trader with full NBC sets including Masks and Filters to survive..

Custom Coastal Trader and Offshore Locations

Zombies - Drop AMMO and MONEY (the stronger they are the better the loot and money... some have a chance to drop T4)

Raid- Doors/Gates Only

Aidrops every 45 minutes

Helis Spawn at 5 locations 2 additional spawns for Blackhawks Randomly

Full Black Market, Drug Traders and Hunting Trader

NEAF Quarantine Zone - close quarter PVP in many areas here and if not careful you might wind up with a horde to fend off.

Black Market where you can buy and sell some very expensive weapons.

Map physics adjusted to make vehicles smoother.


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