Applicant Developer


Apr 13, 2016

You might've already seen my old post on my FiveM server about originally talking about a developer for the server.

I would like to explain in further details of what I am currently looking for, as some of these details have changed recently.

I am looking for a Developer that knows what they are actually doing. I am in need of someone that can use these languages; PHP, LUA, JS/JSON.

I am mainly looking for a dedicated developer that has the ability to code in the languages I provided, as well as having motivation to come up with different ideas, and be able to work with different ideas that have been discussed. There is quite a list for to-do things, and I just haven't got as much time as I did, so this is pretty much a little bit of a side job. But depending on whether these jobs get done or not, then we can discuss it as your main role on the server.

If you are interested in this role, then feel free to message me on here!

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