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Jul 24, 2010

Pleased to announce that we now have an official Discord server setup for DevBest. With that being said, after years of actively using Mumble every day we are parting ways with it.

We have replaced the Mumble server widget on the forum view with a Discord widget (already looking much nicer), you will also find a 'Chat' (soon to be named 'Discord') on the navigation where you can view a larger widget and some information regarding how to join.

How do I join?
Simple, first you will need to join the server by clicking this (or using the 'Chat' page). Next you will need to associate your Discord account with DevBest which can be done , scroll down to 'Discord Integration'.

It is important that you join the server before associating your account, otherwise you will not be added to the registered users group. If you're not added for some reason, dissociate your account and associate it again.

Why do I have to associate my Discord account with DevBest?
You need to associate your DevBest account with Discord in order to be able to chat in the server. Linking up your account will automatically set your Discord nickname to your DevBest username, along with assigning you to the registered user group.

Several channels have been made to chat in, feel free to request more! For now, we simply have the following:
  • General
  • Development
  • Gaming
Please note that we're still currently setting up some of the permissions and tweaking the server to how we'd like it & further integrating it with DevBest.

Hope to see you there!
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