Dedicated Minecraft server (Taking suggestions)


Circumcised pineapples
Aug 26, 2011
Hi guys I'm making a Minecraft server because I've decided to. Here's what my plans so far are:

I'll be running Cauldron so we can utilize Bukkit plugins. Ideally it will be a city based world, people are free to live outside of them of course but to be clear of PvP/PvE you must be in a guarded zone which can only be made by a city. The city protects from greifing, and we can talk about wars in the thread. Passive cities can exist but wars are so much fun!

Forge 1.17.10 for these mods: (I'll make a zip of them all)

(but in survival mode and limited to 1000 blocks per edit)

For plugins I was just going to use whatever faction/city plugin worked the best with this version as well as plot system. What else is needed?


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Oct 30, 2011
Towny is the only city plugin I know of.

I'd suggest other tech mods like mekanism, AE2 and/or refined storage

Maybe we additional tools like Tinkers Construct

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