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Nov 25, 2011

As you probably have noticed, some things have changed around here (as promised). The most noticeable is probably the new theme and the upgrade to XenForo 2.2. If you want to read up on all the changes and new features that have come along with the new version of XenForo, read the . As for the theme, we've switched over to Novus, made by XenFocus. As this is the same creator as our previous theme, you will probably enjoy and recognize some parts of the design. In the upcoming months, we will keep on making some updates to the forums. In this process, receiving the feedback of the community is still of great importance. Of course, the changes that we do should actually be an addition to the community.

Because of this, we've opened a feedback thread about the changes we've made. Within this thread, we would like to find out what you guys think about the changes, what you like about it, or things we can furtherly improve. Besides that, we also still have an ongoing topic to discuss the future of the forums. Both are linked below, and we'd love the input.

Thread to discuss made changes:

Thread to discuss the future:

See you next time!

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