#DB10 - User Story Series - Part 1: Kaz & Donkey


Nov 25, 2011
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We're keeping the development theme alive! After the retrospective, we're now moving on to user stories. There's one major difference though, where a user story would normally focus on things to come, we're actually diving into the past of DevBest and its community. For this series, we've contacted a few members who left their mark on DevBest, new, active, inactive, or old users, we threw them in the mix. We asked them to write a bit about their experience on DevBest, but they were fully free to write whatever they wanted to write. There's no fixed format.

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Part 1: Kaz & Donkey
For the first part, we've asked @Kaz and @Donkey, both long time users, to write a bit. Two users who've experienced the community from the start, and have witnessed how the community has evolved into what it is now. I hope you'll enjoy it!

Name: Kyle (Kaz)
Joined: Nov 16, 2010

How did I find Devbest?
Just over 10 years ago, I had just finished college. I was in the between stages of figuring out life (like a normal 18/19-year-old), looking for a job, etc..
My brother had been playing a retro-hotel and showed it to me, I got playing around on it and eventually wanted to start my own.
So from there, I joined Otaku & RZ as they were the goto sites at the time. DB was still in its infancy back then just being an extension of thehabbos so initially overlooked it.

Eventually, I came back and joined as a member in late 2010, In January 2011 I was approached by Josh to become a section moderator which eventually led to becoming a Senior Mod and then onto the Smod status.

Have I disappeared from the forum?
Plain & simple, No! Mostly a lurker nowadays.
The last 5 or so years have been pretty crazy for me.
Early 2016 my wife soon to be wife (damn COVID) found out we were expecting a baby.
A few months later we bought our first house
I have had multiple promotions through work which has lead to working around the clock from time to time and many nights away on business trips & training (the best being having a free flight to China (business class) for 2 weeks to have a tour of our suppliers)
Along with regular weekends away.

Best bits from my DB history:
  • Flying across to Florida for Minecon 2013 - where I met up with Josh for a week + some others
  • The user 'Dude' who probably makes up 10% of the overall member count with all his alts
  • Meeting new friends who I still speak to on a regular basis (some have disappeared)
  • Seeing DB grow as a whole, I was member #1611, we're now closing in on 45k
  • CraftBest - A large group of us used to play this for hours on end (much easier to sink time in when I worked an early shift)
  • Some of the debates I have seen in the shoutbox have been comical where I have burst into laughter
  • Tinychat channel we once had. People popping in and out, the pure amount of crap that got discussed
  • Plus more...

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@Markshall on the left, @Donkey on the right
My devbest experience:

So who am I?
I’m currently called Donkey or you might know me as Donkjam, I first joined DevBest back in November 2010 after knowing RastaLulz (@bigdawg) for a while from various places.

ANYWAY i ended up joining devbest to become a well known member of the forum. I remember visiting rastas ‘roleplay’ hotel and giving him advice on how to improve the experience (yeah I was decent back then ;))

At the time I was a well known contributor of the habbo hotel section. Which is what brought this place and most of the long serving members together. I was moderator for a while and ended up meeting up with rastalulz and travelling Europe with him!

However before that we always used to do community ‘tiny chat’ sessions. If you don’t know tinychat it is a video chat platform. We used to do these weekly. Where there used to be about 8+ of us video chat on site signing, chattin, dancing just having a good time

So we went travelling and he made me wait in Hyde park (London)while he was in the hostel cause he didn’t want to meet in public place 😅 I had to charge my phone over a 4 hour period! Where i eventually went to the hostel and he was sitting there! We then travelled Europe. Amsterdam, Paris etc etc and I remember he got so drunk one night cause he was with me in Amsterdam. I love it.

We were sat in a hostel cafe once and he struggled to understand me at time and we were sat across from Eachother talking via devbest chat box hahaha

It was after this trip that i became super moderator and was this role for a while. However a time came I was inactive online as things came back to haunt me from when i done habbo servers etc... so became demoted. However I logged on and still had legend rank.

Due to devbest I’ve been pretty good friends with Rasta and @Markshall . Even if I wasn’t on devbest. We’d occasionally iMessage each other which brings me onto @Markshall

I met mark about 10 years Ago due to habbo and we kept chatting. Sharing sources. Codes. And just general chit chat. We send pictures of each other’s shit on Snapchat the lot.

We became such good friends we even met eachother at Leeds festival in 2017 as Eminem was headlining and we camped next door to each other. It rained/I ran out of drink i went to his tent haha. To this day I still get videos of his shit leaving his arse

We then had the times of melody who also came on tiny chat. Rasta once met her. Then she disappeared so I mean. I’m not saying he murdered her. However. She hasn’t been seen since 😅

I’ve became friends with a lot of people. I can’t name them all. So for this reason I’m not going to. However I get along with all staff and most members. It’d be unfair to name some and not all! If you’re a member of devbest. I like you.

Here’s to another 1 month of devbest!

Besides that, @Donkey was so free to sponsor a gift! The person with the best story in the thread below will receive a £10 Amazon gift card!

Do you want to see a specific user in another part of the User Story Series? Tag them below in the comments!

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Oct 30, 2011
I think any member of 2015 and earlier should do this, give their five-plus year retrospect on things.

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