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Custom Throne Pack + CCT

Discussion in 'Furniture Releases' started by JasonOsborn, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. JasonOsborn

    JasonOsborn New Member

    These where created by me, their not the best but they are good thrones.
    They were tested on my hotel and were made only for my hotel, but I wanted my work to be shown so i released it.

    Open this in full for better view.
    Heres a screenshot:

    Heres download links:
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  2. Deion

    Deion k

    3 Release Today? You must me on it!
    Are theres for v26 Or Old School? They are awesome...
    Next time try more colors like the brown/Black and white one.. They one PWNS.
  3. JasonOsborn

    JasonOsborn New Member

    They should work for both as long as you know how to add them. Stay tuned to furniture releases as I shall release more. Ty for replies.
  4. J4M3S

    J4M3S New Member

    It's alright, not bad though. The outer layer of the throne seems obviously painted with one color which makes it look ugly. Add a bit of a darker shade to the color you're using. For example, you used gray for one of them, add bits of darker gray to parts of it so it looks more like Habbo furniture.

  5. JasonOsborn

    JasonOsborn New Member

    Ty for the reply, I am a starter so I'm still learning.
  6. J4M3S

    J4M3S New Member

    No problem. You'll be making epic ones in no time :p

  7. Rated

    Rated New Member

    That is very awsome i whas wondering if they use for oldschool hotels to? but intreresting
  8. Jeppson

    Jeppson New Member

    very nice thrones do they work for oldschool?? or just an holocms retro?
  9. Jeppson

    Jeppson New Member

    ummm i can't add them `??? noob
  10. Gajeel

    Gajeel Well-Known Member


    Nice release there. Is it for R63/V26/V18? And I agree with this one...
    Goodluck with the next release!
  11. AlexGarcia3535

    AlexGarcia3535 New Member

    wont let me add them LOL
  12. xlightsx

    xlightsx New Member

    hi, im new to this but i know how to add the cct files and the buy_furni and catologue thingy that comes in a package! with just the ccts i dont knoe how! plz help!!!!
  13. danny14333

    danny14333 New Member

    Swf is betterr cct died ages aggo LOL

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