GTA SA [CS-RP] Countryside Roleplay - Back to the country! [ENG] [0.3z]


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Jan 25, 2015

Countryside Roleplay is delivering a brand new script layed out to allow the player to fully immerse themselves within Bone County and roleplay to the best of their abilities. The gamemode offers a wide array of unique features, some of which are displayed in the feature catalog below.

We are pleased to announce that CSRP is finally making it's comeback after months of preperation and testing, working out the flaws and mistakes we've learned from over the past year. We hope you join us once again in making CSRP the great roleplay community it once was.

The server will be officially launching on the 1st of February around 19:30 UTC.
NOTE: Our TeamSpeak server is already up and running, feel free to hang around and about and pester us about how the final stage of testing is going!

Be prepared to discover and indulge in many more features ranging from a completely unique and well thought out taxi system, death system, clothing system, rental car system, DMV and the list goes on and on including maps from our own mapping team.

To improve your experience, we offer a fully functional TeamSpeak server, so that you to converse and meet the community and at the same time providing factions with a functioning radio. We also have a diverse forum for you to explore and read up on the latest chatter. A professional and mature bunch of administrators and moderators will guide you along the way and assist you with all concerns to improve the Countryside Roleplay experience day by day. We listen to your opinions and value each and every one of you so do not hesitate to suggest your ideas!

Official factions such as the Bone County Sheriff's Department and Bone County Fire Department are headed by competent leaders and will be recruiting you into their ranks upon launch. We believe expressing your own roleplay through a faction you would like to create is important thus do not hesitate to share your faction ideas and get started on our community.

We, the Countryside Roleplay staff team, look forward to your visit and hopefully lengthy stay.

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